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Online Giving Tips for Maximum Donations

Make your donation page look awesome on every device. Make it FAST… Make it SECURE… and MEASURE everything!

Tip 1: Mobile responsive donation pages make it easy for people to give from any device

More than half of all people who visit your nonprofits website do so from a mobile device. The donate button should be the main call to action on your homepage.


A webpage that resizes on mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Responsive donation pages yield 34% more gifts than non-responsive pages because they make it easy for people to make a donation from any screen size.

Best Practice

If you have a responsive website you should embed donation forms directly into pages. If you have a non-responsive website you should link all donate buttons to free standing mobile responsive donation pages that are branded to look like your site.

Tip 2: Branded donation pages drive more donations

People give 38% more when donation pages are branded to reinforce the intention of the gift and these donors are 66% more likely to come back and donate again.

50% more people donate when a specific donation amount is suggested.

Studies show that form submissions increase 120% when contact fields are decreased from 11 to 4 and required fields* have no effect on form submissions.

Studies show that when the word submit is replaced with custom specific action button text conversions increase 10-30%.

Best Practice

Create custom menus and custom fields on all donation forms to capture donor data for future campaigns.

Tip 3: Include recurring gift instructions on all donation pages

Studies show that people who set up recurring gifts donate double annually when compared to one time donors.

Best Practice

Promote recurring donation instructions in all donation asks. Make it as easy as possible for donors to setup recurring gifts in seconds from any device.

Tip 4: AutoFill donation fields makes giving with a credit card take seconds

Every donation page should be compatible with Apple & Android AutoFill for credit card payments.

Tip 5: Payment form security is very important to your donors

If you do not see a https URL in your web browser your nonprofits website is insecure. Your donors personal and payment information may be at risk.

If your donation form does not contain security validation links your donors personal and payment information may be at risk.

Best Practice

If your nonprofit has a non https website domain you should link all donate buttons to free standing secure donation pages that are located on a https domain address.

Tip 6: Use shortlinks to easily measure donation form analytics

To make a donation go to

1 – Create unique donation pages for campaigns you want to measure.

2 – Setup shortlinks for each donation form.

3 – Measure total unique clicks for each shortlink.

4 – Measure total donations for each form.

5 – Compare total clicks and total donations to calculate conversion analytics.

Tip 7: Promote donation pages over text, email, social media and direct mail

Text Messaging
Social Media
Direct Mail

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Amount Considerations

Security Considerations

Design Considerations

Responsive Considerations

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