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Carrier billed micro donations of $5 or $10 billed directly to a cell phone for national fundraising campaigns.


Text to give allows nonprofits to receive $5 or $10 gifts that are charged directly to a phone bill. MobileCause recommends text to donate, credit/debit card billed mobile donations, for all mobile fundraising campaigns other than national telethons. Learn more about credit and debit card billed mobile donations

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Text to Give Overview

Text to give enables 501c3 organizations with revenues over 500K to receive $5 or $10 donations that are charged to a phone bill. Gifts are 100% secure and donation totals appear in your account in real time. Smart data records can be appended to text to give mobile numbers to strengthen donor information. Additionally, follow up mobile marketing can be sent to engage donors with future opportunities.

Carrier billed donations are available for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon customers only and most corporate and group plans are ineligible. Additional text to give parameters include:

1—Keywords go live in 30-90 days
2—Gift size is fixed at $5 or $10
3—Funds are remitted to organizations as they are received from carriers

Learn more about carrier billed donation timelines and requirements


Carrier Billed Donation Payouts and Donor Information

MobileCause remits text to give donations to nonprofit organizations as funds are received from carriers. This process typically takes 60 to 90 days. In terms of donor data, organizations receive mobile number only.

Text to Give National Telethon Case Study

For the third consecutive year Teleton USA has implemented text to give to increase donations during their 3 day national telethon. In 2013 Teleton collected $930,660 in $10 donations from more than $90,000 individuals.

Quick History of Text to Give

January 2010: In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, Red Cross raised $22,000,000 with $5 and $10 Text to Give donations that were added directly to donors phone bills. At that time 21% of US adults had smartphones.

January 2014: Text to donate (credit/debit card donations triggered by a text message link) have average donation size is $107 with 84% fulfillment. Today more than 70% of US adults have smartphones.

View Text to Donate in a Smartphone Age Infographic 

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