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The 2018 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study

We are excited to reveal the findings of The 2018 Leadership Impact Study we held in partnership with NonProfit PRO. In this study, we discovered how nonprofit leadership teams manage their day-to-day business operations to uncover how leaders can continue to flourish in the sector.

With more than 1.8 million nonprofits in the U.S., it’s important now more than ever to ensure long-term success with a strong leadership team that not only understands the fundamentals of effective fundraising, but also holds the invaluable skills and know-how of running a successful business.

What we found out

Donor Retention Is King: Donor loyalty is a priority for all nonprofits. It was the most important rated outcome for measuring annual success.

Go Beyond Events: Events are still one of the most popular forms of fundraising yet increased costs are becoming more of a concern.

Have an Annual Plan: An annual, in-depth strategic plan is fundamental to achieve fundraising success.

Know Your Board: Board of Directors, when fully engaged, play a vital role for fundraising, staffing and brand awareness efforts.

Advance Your Nonprofit With Technology: While there’s a strong reliance on traditional methods for fundraising, there’s an opportunity to reduce costs and raise more money through the advancements in online and mobile fundraising technology.

Hot Tip:
Mobile fundraising is the newest strategy to emerge in the nonprofit space, and not enough nonprofits are experimenting with it. All generations are connected via mobile phone, and the often overlooked Baby Boomers, are not strangers to appreciating the convenience of their mobile devices and giving online.

Download full study to get a comprehensive look at nonprofit sector landscape and learn how the top nonprofit leaders are driving the most success and desirable outcomes. And as always, stay passionate and continue to make a difference.

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