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3 Back to School Campaign Ideas from Real Nonprofits


As we enjoy our last weeks of summer, many parents, students, educators, faculty and staff are preparing for the start of a new school year. With school starting again comes a great opportunity for K-12 schools to fundraise to support their students and teachers in the upcoming months. Here to get your own creative juices flowing are three Back to School Campaign ideas from real nonprofits. 

1. Santa Rosa County District Schools / United Way of West Florida “Stuff the Bus” Campaign

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Santa Rosa County District Schools in partnership with the United Way of West Florida introduced a “Stuff the Bus” campaign. This campaign encouraged donors to drop off school supplies but also suggested online donations to ensure that local students received what they needed to succeed in the upcoming school year. 

What’s great about their campaign: 

  • For their campaign they shared specific impact metrics for what each donation would help provide to students. For example,“$10 represents 1 pencil box, 100 #2 pencils, scissors, and 2 wide-ruled notebooks.” These metrics help demonstrate to donors the direct impact and importance of their gift.
  • This organization used text-to-donate to share their campaign and encourage supporters to text SCHOOL850 to 41444 so donors could easily give from anywhere using their mobile device.
Santa Rosa County District Schools in partnership with the United Way of West Florida used a MobileCause donation form to support their Stuff the Bus fundraiser.

2. Education Foundation of Palm Beach County

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The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County serves over 179,000 students in Palm Beach with over 120,000 of those students living in poverty. Through their Backpack and School Supply drive, they aimed to fundraise enough to provide 5,000 backpacks full of school supplies to students in need. 

What’s great about their campaign

  • This organization used Crowdfunding to recruit sponsors, ambassadors, and individuals to fundraise with them. Companies and individuals signed up to create their own fundraising pages and then they shared the campaign with their own social networks to garner more support for the drive.
  • This nonprofit encouraged recurring giving on their donation form by setting the default frequency amount to “monthly.” This allows a donor’s support to make an even greater impact over time while creating sustaining and predictable revenue for the organization.
Screenshot of Education Foundation of Palm Beach County’s MobileCause Crowdfunding campaign for their 2021 Backpacks and School Supply Drive.

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3. Fort Bend Education Foundation

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Fort Bend Education Foundation’s mission is to enrich and enhance the quality of education to students in their community. This organization recognized that even though many students are returning to face-to-face instruction, there are still some students who do not have access to a computer device or internet connectivity at home, which can be a hindrance to their learning.

What’s great about this campaign:

  • Fort Bend used an Event Page to share the most important information about their campaign, detailing the need for fundraising and how funds raised will benefit students of different ages.
  • The organization took to social media to share their campaign. They created compelling campaign graphics and shared their donation form as well as a text to donate keyword, offering many ways an individual could support.
Fort Bend Education Foundation used an Event Page to raise funds for students in their community.

Back to School campaigns give your nonprofit the opportunity to introduce fundraising and kick off a great start to the school year. Try running your own Back to School campaign to help rally donors together in support of students and ensure a successful 2021 – 2022 school year!

Lindsey Himphill
Digital Fundraising Strategist


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