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3 Campaigns that Are Making a Splash this Fourth of July


National holidays, heritage months, and even National Doughnut Day, can be great reasons to host an event or fundraiser for your nonprofit. With the Fourth of July quickly approaching, we’d like to highlight a few nonprofits combining Independence Day celebrations with raising awareness and funds for their cause.

Patronato Pro Niños San Miguel de Allende, A.C.: Fourth of July Celebration

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For their Fourth of July Celebration, Patronato Pro Niños, is hosting a hybrid virtual and in-person event to raise funds for medical, dental, psychological and nutritional services to the neediest children in San Miguel. Patronato Pro Niños is using their Event Page to act as the hub of their celebration with event information, ticket sales, sponsorship and donation opportunities. 

What’s great about their campaign:

  • It’s a hybrid event that offers both in-person and online options. This helps serve their nonprofit, which operates in both Texas and Mexico, while expanding their audience.
  • Limiting their in-person event both provides safety and peace of mind for the health of their attendees, while driving up demand for tickets. 
Event page with fireworks background and orange and white buttons.

Sno-Valley Senior Center: 4th of July Celebration

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The Sno-Valley Senior Center located in Carnation, Washington is selling delicious Strawberry Shortcakes as part of their 4th of July Celebration. The Strawberry Shortcakes are available for pre-order using branded forms online and then donors pick up their confections on Sunday, July 4th, just in time for their celebrations. In addition to pick up, they may also provide indoor seating, if possible with their local restrictions.

What’s great about their campaign:

  • By selling their strawberry shortcakes ahead of time, they’ll be able to purchase the right amount of supplies to avoid any wasted food or time.
  • Their donation form offers the opportunity to make an additional donation at the time of purchase to increase giving and bring donors into the fold.
Donation form with photo of strawberry shortcake on white plate.

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United Way of Bay County: Bay City Fireworks Display

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United Way of Bay County is selling parking passes for the best view of the historical Bay City fireworks display. With the use of the parking lot donated to them by Uptown Dow, all proceeds from the sales will go towards the education, health and income stability of Bay County residents. 

What’s great about their campaign:

  • Contactless ticketing and check-in options for the parking passes keeps everyone feeling comfortable and safe. 
  • Using an online form for presale allows them to collect contact information they can use to engage with their supporters year-round.
Ticketing form with United Way logo at top of form.

No matter the holiday or celebration, make it easy for your supporters to give back to your cause and their community with organized Event Pages, easy to use donation forms, and ticketing forms. Good luck with your summer planning and Independence Day celebrations!

Sarah Baker
Digital Marketing Strategist


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