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4 Critical Steps to Take After Giving Tuesday


Now that Giving Tuesday has come and gone, what’s next? Now is the time to pause, reflect, take a breath and start thinking of ways to build long-term relationships with the new donors you’ve just captured. Your Giving Tuesday campaign likely produced valuable takeaways, so it’s important to evaluate its success before diving into your Year-End or Annual Fundraising campaign for next year. Here are the 4 steps I recommend you take to retain those new donors and leverage the results of your GivingTuesday campaign into year-end giving.

4 Steps to Take After Giving Tuesday

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1. Review the Campaign Data

Start by taking a look at how much was raised during your Giving Tuesday campaign and break that down into specific impact metrics the donations will mean for your nonprofit. This is important data to share with donors and supporters, especially in your upcoming content for Year-End Giving. You should also review how your supporters interacted with your Giving Tuesday content by looking at metrics including email open rate, text message click throughs, and social media interaction. What content performed the best? Repurpose the content that resonated with your donors and work to revitalize any of the content that fell flat.

An example of how to report on your givingtuesday campaign

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2. Segment Donors

Take the data from your Giving Tuesday campaign and segment by donors and nondonors. This will allow you to funnel donors into email and text communication focused on thanking them for their contribution, while you can target nondonors with continued storytelling to encourage a donation. While your donors may have already received your automated thank you follow up email, you will still want to send out an additional email and text message to thank those who donated to your Giving Tuesday campaign.

You will also want to consider segmenting donors into historic and new donors. Welcome new donors and introduce them to your nonprofit, your team, and your mission. For donors who have given to your cause in the past, consider funneling them into content that encourages them to sign up as a recurring donor for the New Year.

An example of how to segment donors

3. Create and Update Year-End Giving Content

If you’re a planner and have already written most of your Year-End Giving appeals for email, text, and social media posts, be sure to update this content with the data you have gathered from your Giving Tuesday campaign. Include posts that share the success from Giving Tuesday as well as posts that highlight how the donations will be used. You can update your Giving Tuesday donation form or landing page with updates on what was accomplished on Giving Tuesday and begin to transition the page to include Year-End Giving messaging. 

ProTip: Download our Year-End Giving Appeal Templates: Appeals for Email, Social Media, and Text for expertly crafted messaging templates you can easily copy, paste and customize to quickly get the word out about your Year-End Giving Campaign.


An example of impact metrics from United Way

4. Celebrate and Thank Donors

Above all else, focus on celebrating and thanking donors on every channel from email, direct mail, mobile messaging and social media. If you have permission to, highlight specific donors by tagging them on social media. Be sure to include any sponsors in your post-Giving Tuesday thank yous as well. Focus your thank yous on what the money raised will accomplish in your community and for your nonprofit. Whenever possible, connect your donors to your mission.

First Point Volley Ball Foundation Thanks Donors for their GivingTuesday support

I hope these steps help ease your transition from Giving Tuesday campaign to Year-End Giving. End of year is a busy time for nonprofit professionals and if you are interested in more free resources on Year-End Giving campaigns, I recommend you watch our on-demand webinar Create Recurring Donors from Year-Ending Giving Campaigns.

Sarah Baker
Digital Marketing Strategist


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