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4 Steps to Test Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign


Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to get your organization and its mission in front of new people through your network of volunteers, board members, donors and passionate supporters. Your volunteer fundraisers have their own connections with family, friends and colleagues who may be interested in the work you do. Since you’re hoping to attract these new donors, first impressions are crucial. That’s why you’ll always want to test your peer-to-peer campaign before launching it to the public.

First, you’ll want to set up the online pages for your peer-to-peer campaign. Then, follow these 4 easy steps to ensure you have a smooth and successful launch:

How to Test Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign for Launch

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1. Sign-up as a Fundraiser

Go through the process of becoming a fundraiser yourself. Make sure your instructions are clear and concise, but not too overwhelming with detail. The signup process should be easy, with a clearly labeled button, a simple signup form and easy options to edit their new fundraising page.

Not only will you be able to double check that it works, but you’ll also have a first-hand look at a new fundraiser’s experience. This will make it easier for you to provide instructions for potential new ambassadors.

Inner City Arts launched a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

For the most accurate sign up experience, use unique credentials from your administrative login to edit the back-end of your campaign.

Once you’re satisfied, consider hand-picking a small group of individuals to sign up as fundraisers so you can see the process at work on different computers and devices. This will also give your campaign the added benefit of having fundraisers already in place and ready to go when you officially launch.

2. Make a Test Gift

The easiest way to make sure your payment processor is in place, is to make a donation to your campaign.

Make sure the donation form is set up with suggested giving levels, and that the form is as short and simple to fill out as possible. The more fields there are to consider filling out (whether the fields are optional or required), the more chances someone may abandon the form. You may also want to provide the options to donate anonymously or cover the processing fees. Putting through a donation also lets you double check the emailed receipt as well as the confirmation page by seeing them as your donors will see them.

A nonprofit makign a test donation

Next, you’ll want to check the donor wall to see that your gift is being displayed with the information you want. If your campaign also has ticketing or sponsorship forms, test those as well. If conducting multiple tests, you can set up a testing promo code to take off 100% so you don’t have to keep making purchases. You can also void your test transactions in your merchant account.

Curious about Peer-to-Peer Fundraising with MobileCause?

3. Share Your Campaign

The power of peer-to-peer fundraising is in individuals sharing your campaign with family and friends. Be sure to test the sharing icons on all available channels: social media, email and text.

Set the default language for each to guide how people can talk about the campaign when sharing it. For social media, you can set your post to show to only you if you’re not yet ready for your friends to see it. For testing emails and text, you can send the messages to yourself or a colleague at your organization.

Break the silence against domestic violence shared their peer-to-peer 5K run on social media.

Keep in mind that someone sharing your campaign could be an individual fundraiser,  someone who just donated and wants to help spread the word,  a supporter who can’t donate or even a fundraiser who still wants to help out. Consider the various scenarios of someone sharing the campaign when reviewing your default sharing language.

4. Take One Last Look

Now that you’ve tested all of your forms and calls-to-action, and possibly made some adjustments, take one last look at the campaign. Pretend you’re someone arriving on the landing page for the first time. Is the campaign clearly explained? Is there a clear goal?

If you have a video on your landing page, play it all the way through to make sure there were no issues when uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. If you’re promoting a texting keyword as part of the campaign, try texting in your keyword to your shortcode to make sure the link that is sent back leads to the right place.

A nonprofit checks whether their peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is ready for launch

Once you’ve finished these four steps, you should be ready to go! Wishing you happy and prosperous fundraising!

Corey Blake
Digital Fundraising Strategist


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