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4 Tips for Hosting your Golf Tournament


With many states re-opening, many organizations are excited to reconnect with their donors face-to-face again. Golf Tournaments provide a great opportunity for your organization to invite your supporters to join you in person for a fun day of golf and fundraising while also hosting a safe and socially distanced outdoor event. As you plan your outdoor events, consider the following tips for effectively running your events. 

1. Digital QR Code Tickets

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As you begin registrations for your golf tournament, consider using digital QR Code tickets. These tickets can be scanned at check-in from an individual’s mobile device or print-out ticket. QR code tickets provide a convenience to your donors and a quick way for volunteers or staff at your organization to check guests in. 

Ahead of your event, you can sell tickets virtually and share your ticketing form via your website, email, social media, and text message to maximize your reach and invite your supporters to join.

Ticketing form for golf tournament showing several ticket options.

2. Text to Donate / QR Code Donations

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By nature, golf tournaments typically have your audience distanced as foursomes and individual golfers make their way through different parts of the course. Because of this, it isn’t always as easy to bring together your audience multiple times throughout the day to make an announcement or call to action to them.

With this in mind, you can use signage to share Text to Donate and QR codes throughout the course to share with players how they can give. Whether this is as they start the course, finish, or even displayed at holes throughout the course, text to donate or QR codes give individuals an easy way to get to the donation form from their mobile devices.

Another idea is to use text to donate to encourage individuals to donate for a mulligan, or some other advantage at one of the holes. Providing these incentives throughout the course could motivate players to take a moment to donate.

Event page showing image of golf course.

3. Fundraise In-Person

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If you are hosting a Luncheon or Dinner as part of your Golf Tournament, you have the opportunity to fundraise with all of your guests together. Whether you have a short program planned as part of the meal or are simply serving your guests, you can present a live call-to-action with a text to donate option.

To make things more exciting, you can also share a live fundraising thermometer with your audience to share your goals, total raised so far, and recognize donors who have supported, in real time. A live fundraising thermometer can be an exciting element to your fundraising event and can further encourage participation and support. 

Donation form pop up on golf tournament event page.

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4. Share Virtually

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While your event may be in-person, you can continue to incorporate as many virtual elements as you need to reach out to even more supporters. Utilize your online communication channels like email, social media, and any Event Pages to share out as much information about the event and make sure it’s easy for individuals to sign up and register. Be sure to provide alternative ways to support your organization beyond registration, in case individuals can’t physically come to the tournament. 

You can also use live streaming as a way to reach out to your audience virtually. Consider live streaming any exciting events planned as part of the day, like the shotgun start, hole-in-one contest, winners announcement, or even a short program. You can live stream those events to your social media platforms or even to your Event Page. Live Streaming different parts of your event can expand the audience you are reaching out to and help those who can’t physically join feel connected to the event.

Golf tournament event page showing golf course clubhouse.

As we move forward and away from fully virtual events back to in-person fundraising events, consider what lessons your nonprofit has learned from any virtual events or fundraising you’ve done in the last year and consider bringing some of those elements into your in-person events. Continuing to use virtual elements in your fundraising can help your organization expand your reach and make things easy and efficient for both your donors and your staff. If you’re running a golf tournament or similar outdoor fundraising event, be sure to implement these tips for a fun and successful event! 

Lindsey Himphill
Digital Fundraising Strategist


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