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6 Things to Do After Your Day of Giving


After your Day or Days of Giving wraps up, it is important to keep the momentum going to engage with any new donors brought to your organization through the campaign, as well as to ensure success for next year. Here are 6 crucial things you will want to do to wrap up your Day of Giving campaign.

1.  Campaign Follow Up

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Following your Day of Giving, you will want to do some campaign follow up communications to your supporters and donors. Provide a recap of any important data points including the number of donors, dollars raised, and any notable accomplishments from the campaign. If this is your first or second year going “virtual” with your Day of Giving, be sure to highlight this distinction from years past. Campaign follow up should come from the same channels you promoted your campaign on like direct mail, email, social media, and text message.

2.  Give Thanks

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When sending out your campaign follow up email blasts, text messages, and social media posts, do not forget to celebrate those who helped you succeed. Say thank you to your social media followers, donors, campaign coordinators and volunteers, and staff. In addition to more general messages of gratitude, write individual thank you notes to any large corporate donors or matches, as well as to supporters who fundraised as individuals as part of your Day of Giving campaign. Tag specific donors or supporters on your social media channels as well to make them feel extra special.

3.  Analyze the Results

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When your campaign is all wrapped up, it is time to crunch the numbers. Pull reports of donors, donations, fundraisers, as well as looking at metrics from email campaigns and social media results. If you host a Day of Giving annually, look at year over year results and try to determine what worked the best in terms of things like bringing in new donors, getting engagement on social media, and open rates on emails. Take what you learn from analyzing the results and optimize your plan for next year. It is never too early to start brainstorming your next Day of Giving campaign. 

4.  Save the Date

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Just like it is not too early to start planning for your next Day of Giving, it is not too early to send out a save the date for next year! If you have an annual Day of Giving and have the date(s) already determined, you can piggyback off the end of one campaign to send out a save the date for the next! This can be as subtle as a postscript at the end of your thank you email with the date for next year’s campaign and can include a few save the date posts to your social media channels.

5.  Update Your Campaign Page

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Once your campaign has concluded, be sure to update your Event Page or Crowdfunding landing page. Add a thank you video or thank you image to the page as well as using the page to share out your campaign results and date for next year’s Day of Giving. While the campaign may be over, it is recommended to leave the option to donate available. If you do not want to collect donations for your Day of Giving after it is complete for whatever reason, simply use your campaign page to direct any interested donors to your preferred donation form for general donations.

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6.  Update Your Contacts

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Be sure to pull all contact information from your Day of Giving to update your mailing and text message list. You can segment donors into categories such as new donors, major gifts donors, and recurring donors. This will allow you to funnel your donors into different lines of communication by meeting them where they are in their journey of support for your organization.

Taking these 6 steps after your Day of Giving fundraiser is the best way to ensure donations and support for future campaigns and your organization at large.

Sarah Baker
Digital Marketing Strategist


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