As featured on USA Today, Alex Rozier reporting for King5-TV in Seattle, covers the inspiring story of 8-year old Charlotte Tristan, who for the last several years has been creating videos to help those in need and creating fundraising campaigns that work. Her most recent endeavor –  help save Syrian refugees. Mr. Rozier is an award-winning American journalist who currently works as a reporter for KING-TV in Seattle.

8-year-old empties piggy bank, campaigns to save Syrian refugees

By Alex Rozier | KING5-TV for USA Today | 9/17/15

BOTHELL, Wash. — An 8-year-old girl is in the middle of a week-long fundraising effort to help Syrian refugees with food, shelter, clean water, and other essentials. This isn’t Charlotte Tristan’s first fundraising effort. Over the last several years she’s made YouTube videos that have raised nearly $10,000 for charity in videos that have garnered nearly 6,000 views.

“Her father and I are incredibly proud,” Heather Tristan said. “There are no words really to see our daughter learning compassion and hearing and getting the message that even though she’s a child her voice makes a difference.”

mobilecause-outlook, save Syrian refugeesChild’s Campaign To Save Syrian Refugees Teaches Us That With A Little Effort…Anything Is Possible

Charlotte Tristan’s belief that even if you’re a little girl like her, you can make a big difference in the world, is evident in the fundraising videos she’s been making since she was 5. A look at her recent one to help save Syrian refugees reveals some best practices nonprofits can follow to improve the response of their fundraising campaigns.

In the video, Charlotte provides clear calls-to-action to CLICK, GIVE and SHARE, and even though YouTube did not allow her to link out from the video, an annotated message directs people to her fundraising link in the post’s description. The campaign also has a deadline, which can compel supporters to donate right away.

Improving A Good Thing With Mobile

A mobile-first approach would have made Charlotte’s campaign even more effective as 75% of all social media activity happens on a smartphone and over half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.

Set up mobile-responsive fundraising forms in your MobileCause account to make it easy for donors to give to your cause, then post the link to your form on your social media profiles or promote a keyword, which they can text to connect to your fundraising page.

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