Dog Artist Creates Art to Sell for Charity

Charity fundraising event ideas can take many forms, even a furry one. A post on Life with Dogs, the self-professed world leader in dog news and entertainment, recounts the story of Dagger II, the dutiful black lab also known as DogVinci who has developed impressive artistic painting skills that are now benefiting animal-related causes through the sales of his original artwork.

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A Charity Event Fundraising Idea Even a Dog Can Love

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Dagger is a very special dog.  He’s so much more than just a furry, four legged friend; he’s an artist in the truest sense of the word.  He creates special doggy art that gets sold with the proceeds from the sales being donated to charity.  Talk about your dog paying it forward!

“Every stroke, you see on the canvas is Dagger’s mark,” said Dagger’s human, Yvonne Dagger.

It turns out that Dagger is quite the artist!  His art is being sold throughout the world now, and Yvonne and Dagger can barely keep up with the orders that come in.  Also, in an effort to make sure that Canine Companions for Independence didn’t miss out on benefitting from Dagger’s talents, the money made from Dagger’s art goes back to them in the form of a donation.

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A Fun and Rewarding Charity Event Fundraising Idea

A number of lucky charitable organizations focused on animal-related issues will be benefiting from the artistic expressions of a creative canine to supplement their charity event fundraising efforts this year. Orders continue to pour in for one of Dagger’s original works of art with patrons willing to pay (donate) top dollar for a unique painting with the proceeds funding very good causes.

Now that spring is in the air, charity event fundraising campaigns are underway all across the country. Organizations big and small are raising money to support their missions by holding everything from big fancy galas, small local bake sales and even innovative virtual events (think digital lemonade stand).

Even if you don’t have a masterpiece-painting dog, your faith-based, educational, healthcare or other charitable nonprofit organization can still have some fun this season while raising money for your cause. One of the zaniest charity event fundraising ideas your organization can try is the Wacky Wager.

Start by empowering supporters or teams of supporters to set up mobile-friendly crowdfunding pages where they can pledge to do something fun and wacky like paint on dog whiskers before going out in public in return for donations that help them reach a fundraising goal. Then your volunteer fundraisers can promote their wacky wager via email, text and across social media to entice friends, family members, and colleagues to donate to your organization and watch the wackiness and fundraising begin!

Summary: Mobile-friendly crowdfunding is just one of the ways your organization can make your next charity event fundraising campaign fun, exciting and successful especially when you consider that the average crowdfunder collects $612 and 5 out of 8 donors are new to your organization.

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