BarDown‘s latest article covers Zack Hample, who caught Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th hit ball at Yankee Stadium. Zack will not give it back unless his demands are met, one of which is donating to his favorite nonprofit Pitch in for Baseball. Bar down is a website powered by TSN that features sports stories that you need to know about.

Finally, the guy that has the ball from A Rod’s 3,000th hit has made his demand

(Photo by Zack Hample of ARod’s 3000th Hit)

By BarDown Staff | Bar Down | 6/24/15

On Friday night,it seemed like the man who caught A Rod’s 3,000th hit ball was NOT going to give it back anytime soon. Zack Hample, who’s collected over 8,000 baseballs from Major League ballparks and published author of, “How To Snag Major League Baseballs,” declined offers from the Yankees of signed memorabilia, tickets, a meeting with A Rod, and even a press conference and appearance on the YES Network for the milestone baseball.

What more could this man possibly want from the Yankees for the milestone baseball you ask? A donation to charity. That’s all it’s going to take for the Yankees to get Rodriguez his ball back according to Hample.

Article was originally posted on TSN but is no longer available.


A Rod’s 3000th Hit Ball’s A Lucky Catch For One Fan

Zack Hample has collected over 8,000 baseball’s from Major League Baseball games but this one is special.  Why you ask..

1. Who hit it – Alex Rodriguez
2. Milestone – 3,000 Hits, which only 29 players in history have ever done in their careers.

Since A Rod’s 3,000th hit was a home run, it became even more valuable as it sailed into the stands, where it then became fair game for anyone lucky enough to be able to catch it and claim the historic ball as their own.

Zack Hample was that lucky one.

Playing Keep Away for a Good Cause

There are a number of people who attend ballgames with the sole purpose of catching milestone balls, like A Rod’s 3000th hit ball. Their mission is to acquire valuable merchandise they can hold (almost for ransom) in exchange for money, gifts or memorabilia. Zach Hample was among them.  But this time, something changed.

As a long time supporter of Pitch In For Baseball, instead of asking for anything for himself, Zack has decided that he wants the Yankees to make a large donation to the nonprofit organization, which gives used baseball equipment to kids in need.

A Win-Win Play For Corporations Who Give

The New York Yankees are one of the largest sports organizations in the world. They certainly have the means to donate to several great causes, including the donation for A Rod’s 3000th hit ball.  Through their community enrichment programs including their annual HOPE Week initiative (Helping Others Persevere & Excel), they generate goodwill and provide hope and encouragement to individuals and families in their community that benefit more than just the recipient of the gesture.

a rod's 3000th, HOPE, Zack Hample

In the spirit of HOPE, the Yankees making a donation in exchange for A Rod’s 3,000th hit would create a win-win for both the New York ball team, who would get back a piece of their team’s history and perhaps even gain new fans for life, and the worthy nonprofit receiving the donation, who would use the money for gloves, bats and baseball uniforms for kids around the world who can’t afford it.

Corporate Social Responsibility Made Easy

Nonprofit organizations can help companies like the Yankees, create strong relationships with their community and customers and meet their corporate social responsibility by providing them partnership opportunities.  Even without A Rod’s 3000th hit ball, they have within them an amazing asset to do good – their employees.  This valuable resource can be harnessed to help worthy causes.


Mobile communications and technology allow company employees to receive messages about volunteer opportunities, donate direct to a cause, or set up crowdfuning pages they can use to tap into their network of friends, family and colleagues to help the nonprofit achieve its goals.

Create a win-win partnership with companies who want to help your organization and make it easy for them and their employees to give by adopting mobile communications and technology for your fundraising efforts.

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