Many nonprofit organizations expend a great deal of time and resources to encourage direct donations and promote events. However, one of the key ways that fundraising efforts can fall short is leading inadequate donor communication. Improving outreach and staying in better touch can help nonprofits, particularly higher education institutions, secure higher revenue.

Students already have a relationship with the university when they graduate, but this connection can weaken over time as people move on to the next stages of their lives.

Mobile messaging allows you to establish personal relationships with donors to encourage them to stay involved, and this is especially important for alumni associations. Colleges and universities need to cultivate the relationship with alumni communication over time because graduates may build spending power as they advance in their careers. Alums may remember their time at college fondly and want to give back. However, they won’t donate without a solid connection to the institution.


How Colleges Can Leverage Mobile Fundraising Campaigns

Millennials are on track to become the most educated generation, a study from Pew Research Center indicated. Although many members of Generation Y have struggled with underemployment, college grads are on track to make more money than the previous generation. Some millennials are pursuing master’s degrees, which increases their earning potential even more. In fact, the median adjusted monthly household income of a college-educated young adult rose from $5,960 to $7,232 between 1984 and 2009.

As millennials continue to attend college and graduate in record numbers, institutions will target these younger graduating classes. In addition to pursuing higher education, this group has come of age with mobile technology. Generation Y exhibits high smartphone use, making members a prime audience for mobile communications.

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99% of alumni text messages are read.

Almost every college student has used their mobile number as their primary phone number in the last decade. Why is this important? Higher education institutions already have mobile numbers for almost every alumni! The MobileCause system allows organizations to upload decade long lists of alumni phone numbers and we verify which numbers are mobile!

MobileCause allows organizations to upload decade long lists of alumni phone numbers and we verify which numbers are mobile!

Mobile communication with links to cool videos are the easiest to stay in touch. Ninety-nine percent of text messages are read, making this a channel with high impact. You can use texts to share how donations have made a difference, promote events and donation opportunities and thank contributors. People want a higher degree of transparency when they donate to any cause, so communication is key. It builds trust, which fosters the relationship graduates have with their alma maters.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you see how mobile communications can help build strong, long-lasting connections with alumni (and current students)!

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