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Putting The Spotlight on Homeless Companion Pets with Animal Care Fundraising

An article by Elyse Wanshel in the Huffington Post provides an uplifting look at how the nonprofit organization Pets of the Homeless is helping homeless people take care of their pets by providing food and veterinary services. To supplement their animal care fundraising efforts, the organization also takes in-kind donations of food and other materials that can help their animal/human constituents in need.

Ms. Wanshel is a Good News/Trends Writer at The Huffington Post. Her work has been featured in Vice, Gawker, Time Out New York, Today.com, Elite Daily and has been discussed by the ladies of The View.

Trending Article | Huffington Post| Elyse Wanshel | 04/13/2016

Nonprofit Provides Free Medical Care For Homeless People’s Pets

So doggone awesome!

animal care fundraising

A pet can enrich a homeless person’s life, and vice versa.

This is precisely why the nonprofit Pets Of The Homeless, provides those in need with free food and medical services to keep their pups and cats happy and healthy.

“My dog is at home right now by herself,” Genevieve Frederick, the founder of Pets of the Homeless told Elite Daily in the video below. “She’s wondering when me and my husband are going to come home. The homeless pets are with their owners 24/7, and they have a way bigger bond than you and I have with our pets.”

Read the full article and watch the video

Insider Outlook | Kyle Higgins | MobileCause Customer Success Manager


Animal Care Fundraising Using Mobile and Online Technology Can Help More Homeless Pets

Companion animals are often one of the only things homeless people have to call their own while living on the streets, but as they struggle to provide for themselves, they also struggle to provide for their equally homeless animals too. In addition to the food donations and medical services given to support the wellbeing of homeless companion animals by nonprofits like Pets of the Homeless, other organizations like Big Fluffy Dog Rescue are using mobile and online technology for animal care fundraising to support their causes beyond physical goods.

Mobile and online solutions are a great way to engage supporters of all ages, wherever they are. Nearly everyone has a soft spot for animals, but if a supporter is not able to donate physical goods or services in person, mobile and online solutions help streamline your organization’s animal care fundraising efforts to give supporters everywhere the means to donate to your cause without having to be present.

Even if your organization belongs to another segment—like a faith-based, healthcare, educational, or other charitable nonprofit cause—and is not concerned with animal care fundraising, there are a few different options to engage supporters remotely, like including online giving forms on your website, virtual crowdfunding campaigns, or even promoting text-to-give keywords that allow donors to give instantly from their cell phones. This last one is especially great for organizations that are active on email and social media, as all donors have to do is text your keyword to a five-digit shortcode and they will be sent a secure link to your online giving form to make a donation right from their smartphone.

Summary: If your organization relies on physical goods or services to support your cause, be sure to also provide donors with an option to give remotely by using mobile and online solutions to help fuel the good your organization is doing, no matter where they may be geographically.

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