Animal shelters can significantly increase the size of their volunteer base and boost donations through mobile fundraising. Animal shelters typically offer a combination of programs, from adoption, volunteering and low-cost spay and neuter programs to minimize the number of stray cats and dogs on the street. Depending on the circumstances of where and how animals were found prior to entering a shelter, they may need additional training before being re-homed with a family. Shelters need a great deal of funds to provide food, shelter, medical care and training to pets before finding them a home. These organizations also rely on a large base of volunteers to walk dogs and socialize animals, so it’s important to have tools in place to manage this group.

Why mobile for animal shelter donations?

Mobile technology has completely revolutionized how people can interact with charities. This channel makes it extremely convenient for individuals to contribute money, learn more or sign up to volunteer. Here’s a closer look at how MobileCause can help animal shelters support animals and find pets loving new homes. Smartphones are one of the best ways to capture impulse donations if individuals are moved by a cause. Mobile contributions (see example below) allow donors to give the amount they want in a matter of seconds, making this one of the most convenient ways to get involved. With MobileCause, you can remind people who start the transaction but don’t complete it, which increases fulfillment.


Mobile Messaging is the best way to stay in touch with advocates

Advocates interact with text messages (see example below) more than any other channel. In fact, texts boast a 99 percent read rate, and most individuals see them within a few minutes of receiving them. Rescues can use these to share volunteer information with interested parties. You can also use mobile messages to invite contributors to events, send impact videos or say thank you after receiving donations.


Increase animal shelter event donations by 25%

Animal shelters can benefit from fundraising events to increase awareness in the community. There are a number of different types of fundraisers these organizations can host, from adoption drives and run/walks to more traditional dinners. The use of a event thermometer (see example below) at an event can increase participation.


Empower advocates to raise donations

If people are passionate about your cause, they are more likely to advocate for your organization. Volunteers and loyal donors can use mobile fundraising (see example below) to set up a personal page and collect donations from friends and family members. This expands your reach and allows you to connect with a larger donor database. This is one of the most powerful tools animal shelters can use to further their cause. Peer to peer fundraisers raise $568 from friends and on average 4 out of 7 donors are new.


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