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In an exclusive article for Variety, James Rainey examines how accomplished actor, writer, director, author, painter, professor and consummate student, James Franco is now also a founder of Elysium Bandini Studios, a nonprofit film studio providing young filmmakers a creative platform that allows them to give back to the community. Mr. Rainey, now the Senior Film Reporter at Variety, is an award-winning journalist who for most of the last 3 decades, has worked as a reporter, editor, columnist and blogger for the Los Angeles Times.

James Franco Launches Nonprofit Film Studio With Art of Elysium Charity (EXCLUSIVE)

launching a nonprofitImage courtesy of Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com

James Rainey | Variety | 02/10/16

One of Hollywood’s enduring mysteries is how James Franco does it all — acting, directing, writing books, teaching university classes, pursuing multiple post-graduate degrees and, occasionally, (rumor has it) sleeping.

Now the multihyphenate star of “Milk” and “127 Hours” has another new venture, a nonprofit film studio that he says combines many of his passions — making films, teaching student filmmakers and benefiting his favorite charity.

Elysium Bandini Studios brings together the Art of Elysium charity with Franco’s Rabbit Bandini production banner to support the film projects of students and professionals, with any proceeds going entirely to Art of Elysium.

in-kind giftLaunching A Nonprofit Like A Superstar Means Knowing When To Ask, and Get Help For Your Cause

Even the multi-talented James Franco knows that launching a nonprofit is an art that requires the right skills, resources to ensure its success. 

His new charity, Elysium Bandini Studios, a collaboration between Franco’s production company Rabbit Bandini and The Art of Elysium, a 19-year old nonprofit that connects artists with children battling serious medical conditions has been utilizing innovative channels like crowdfunding to pay for their initial films with any proceeds from these projects slated to go fund The Art of Elysium’s important work.

If you’re thinking about launching a nonprofit or have already started taking your first steps on the path towards 501c3 status, it’s vital that you understand how the process works as well as what tools you should be using to help set up your new organization for a great start and long-term sustainable growth. GrantSpace is a great source for information on launching your nonprofit.

Whether you’re starting an educational, faith-based, health or other charitable nonprofit, your organization can get off to the right start with crowdfunding and other mobile-first solutions to ensure that you reach your first and ongoing goals

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