Arts and culture organizations experience a variety of challenges other nonprofits don’t. Whether it’s building a quality donor database or engaging different generations of contributors, arts donations can be difficult to collect as these organizations have fewer human resources than other nonprofits.

When arts and culture foundations collect money for ticket sales at the front desk, it can be difficult to capture patrons’ contact information. Many organizations struggle to stay in touch through email because it’s easy for recipients to opt out, email open rates are less than 30% and many people change email address from year to year. With 99% open rates mobile messaging is a much more effective way to engage patrons. Mobile technology is a much more effective way to engage patrons on a small budget.

Accurate contact information is essential to building a donor database

Without good contact information, it is nearly impossible to communicate with previous donors to promote new events. For first-time patrons, there is no guarantee they will become long-lasting supporters unless your organization takes the steps to reach these individuals. Mobile fundraising and communication can significantly reduce these challenges.


Arts and culture organizations need to think beyond the initial ticket purchase or donation. While getting people in the door is important, you can’t build a stable source of revenue without a solid database of engaged donors. Technology can remove some of the barriers to participation and enable people to give more regularly through a convenient channel.

Every time you receive a donation collect up to date contact information

Increasing the frequency of donations may mean improving communication with your contributors. Donors want to know how their support has made a difference to the programs your organization funds. Their expectations are higher than ever before: People want personalized communication from the nonprofits they interact with. Mobile messaging gives arts and culture organizations an easy way to do this without raising their budgets for outreach, and this channel can help you expand your audience.

3 Ways Use Mobile for Arts Fundraising Efforts

MobileCause has an array of features that can help you build support for your arts and culture nonprofit. Here’s a look at how mobile can help:

Event Thermometer: If your organization hosts an annual gala or other fundraising event, adding this feature increases donations by approximately 25%. Attendees can donate directly from their mobile devices, and their contributions will appear on the screen. The event thermometer is designed to drive higher donation amounts, inspire more individuals to make a gift and ensure you reach your goal.


Smart Data Records: MobileCause verifies cellphone numbers to ensure your records are accurate and help you grow subscriptions. In addition, our platform appends wealth indicators, such as homeowner status and income. This information can integrate with your CRM system so you have better visibility into your records.

Mobile Subscriptions: At events, it’s easy to promote subscriptions with keywords. Participants simply text the keyword to a designated mobile number, and they are added to the list. They will receive future updates about ways to get involved. You can promote mobile subscriptions across every channel, including your website, to raise greater awareness. All people who make donations are automatically subscribed to receive mobile communications.

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