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Rebekah Lowin, writer for TODAY News, covers the most recent philanthropic contribution to a crowdfunding campaign by Taylor Swift to help a young fan undergoing cancer treatment. TODAY News reports the latest national and international news, along with stories of extraordinary people.

Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to an 11-year-old cancer patient

bad blood singer donates

By Rebekah Lowin | TODAY News | 7/08/15

Naomi is fighting a form of cancer (acute myelogenous leukemia) that has to be treated aggressively, and she was told that she wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital for the next six to nine months.

Naomi was particularly saddened when she realized she’d have to miss the Taylor Swift concert she’d been given tickets to for Christmas. She’d planned to attend the Aug. 18 show in Phoenix, Arizona, and had a seat right next to her “bestest best friend,” Piper.

So her family decided to post a video on YouTube to get Swift’s attention. In it, Naomi reveals that she’s chosen the 25-year-old singer’s hit “Bad Blood” as the theme song for her long battle with cancer, and expressed her disappointment that she wouldn’t be able to make it to the concert.

The family also created a hashtag — #TeamNaomi — in hopes that Swift might mention it on social media, further publicizing their fundraiser for Naomi’s medical expenses.

Well, their dreams came true — and then some.


Bad Blood Singer Donates $50k to Help Fan Fight Cancer

Eleven-year-old Naomi Oakes is a huge fan of Taylor Swift. She was excitedly planning to attend Swift’s August 18 show with her best friend. She was not however prepared to have a cancer diagnosis and aggressive treatment plan sideline her excitement.

To help defray medical bills from the projected 6 – 9 month hospital stay and aggressive treatment plan Naomi will face her family set up a crowdfunding campaign. They included a video of Naomi’s journey so far and told supporters about how she will miss out on Taylor’s concert this summer.

In addition to helping them raise money, the family hoped the video would be seen by Taylor Swift, compelling her to promote the hashtag #TeamNaomi on the superstar’s popular Instagram feed. Just as the Oakes’ family had hoped, Taylor did see the video, but what they never expected was the Bad Blood singer making multiple contributions (in adherence of the crowdfunding site’s donation limit) to total $50,000 for Naomi. This isn’t the first time the Bad Blood singer donates to help a fan in need through crowdfunding.  Superstar Taylor Swift, last month donated $15,000 to Firefighter Who Saved His Own Family.

Namoi’s Priceless Reaction to Crowdfunding Generosity

Crowdfunding is disrupting fundraising and becoming the norm – and that’s a good thing!  Not only is crowdfunding an extremely efficient way to solicit donations over social media (and grow your database at the same time), surveys show it is the preferred method of charitable giving by donors given its collaborative campaign success.

Naomi’s Reaction and Thank You to Taylor Swift

A successful crowdfunding campaign will include:

  • A specific project and obtainable goal
  • Mobile-responsive fundraiser and donation pages to make fundraising and giving easy
  • Video to tell your story
  • Donor acknowledgement and cultivation

Interesting Fact:  According to a 2012 study from Yale University cited by Forbes, it was revealed that offering thank-you gifts in exchange for crowdfunding actually decreases donations. Supporters sometimes feel gifts detract from the contribution they just made.

Instead, include a simple ‘Thank You’ video–like Naomi’s–as a way to recognize and engage donors. 

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