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Become a Better Fundraiser by Staying Optimistic About Your Organization’s Future

A recent article by Bill Taylor in the Harvard Business Review examined the future-focused mindset that motivates and directs leaders to create success for their organizations. Mr. Taylor is co-founder of Fast Company magazine and author of Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things In Extraordinary Ways.

Trending Article | Bill Taylor | Nonprofit Quarterly | 03/03/2016

Why the Future Belongs to Tough-Minded Optimists

become a better fundraiser

Unease is rippling through financial markets, and a sense of anxiety has overtaken society. In the United States, the presidential campaign has devolved into a frenzy of personal insults and unhinged behavior. Technology may be heading toward self-driving cars and genomics-inspired medicine, but most people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. In times like these, even for leaders committed to building a more prosperous future for their organizations, it’s easy to surrender to pessimism.

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Insider Outlook | Katie Keating | Senior Customer Success Manager


Become a Better Fundraiser by Keeping a Positive Outlook That Creates Positive Change

Any nonprofit leader who wants to become a better fundraiser must know how to combat the pessimism that Mr. Taylor believes is overtaking them due to financial concerns and the infantile antics of today’s presidential hopefuls. The best way they can do that is to adopt a tough-minded optimism fueled by original ideas, deep convictions, and resiliency that will help them succeed in the face of any challenges that may come their way.

If you want to remain optimistic in light of those challenges, your organization also needs to implement concrete ways you and your supporters can use to create lasting positive change. One of those ways is to accept recurring donations by enabling the payment frequency on your organization’s mobile-friendly online forms. Recurring gifts provide your nonprofit more financial stability because it’s revenue you can count on. Plus, donors who set up recurring gifts typically donate twice as much annually as those who only make a one-time donation.

Summary: Help your leaders, staff, volunteers and supporters stay optimistic about your organization’s future with ideas and programs like recurring giving that create lasting positive change so each one can easily become a better fundraiser.

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