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Writing for The New York Times, Elizabeth Olson examines how with investments from Visa and Dell, the Girl Scouts are finally allowing their traditional cookie sales to move into the digital world with technology and features that will allow girls to sell online. Started over 100 years ago, the Girl Scouts is dedicated to helping girls build courage, confidence and character so they can make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Go Digital, With Help From Visa and Dell

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Image courtesy of Rob Hainer / Shutterstock.com

Elizabeth Olson | New York Times | 1/3/16

Last January, the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. allowed Internet sales of their famed cookies for the first time, after years of barring the practice because of fears over online safety. Out of the 194 million boxes sold in 2015, about 2.5 million, or $10 million worth of Thin Mints and other varieties, were sold online, the organization said.


This year, Visa and Dell are investing an estimated $3 million to help update the Girl Scouts’ digital cookie platform.
The added features are meant to encourage more girls to take part in the annual cookie drive, which raises money for scout activities and helps them learn skills like marketing, setting goals and budgeting. Scouts can take in-person orders using a mobile app, or invite customers to visit a personalized website.
We are doubling down on technology,” she said. “More digital features will encourage more girls to participate in online cookie sales, and we are introducing online tools to make it easier and faster to recruit scouts and adults, including simplifying the process to become a girl scout.”

mobilecause-outlook, nonprofit digital fundraisingNonprofit Digital Fundraising Increases Organization’s Abilities To Do More For Their Cause

Nonprofit digital fundraising offers many of the same benefits to charitable organizations those created by the introduction of the Girl Scouts digital cookie program like increased cookie sales (donations) and easier and faster scout recruiting (volunteers).

Whether you’re a large national organization like the Girl Scouts or a small local charity, nonprofit digital fundraising can increase the effectiveness of everything your organization is doing to raise funds and awareness for your cause. Even something as traditional as direct mail can be optimized by adding a QR code or other instructions that lead the recipient to your nonprofit digital fundraising page. Plus when you add this type of digital fundraising call to action to your envelope, the post office provides you a 2% discount.

Adopting nonprofit digital fundraising solutions can help educational, faith-based, health and charitable organizations gain 38% more donations and cut admin time by 50% with mobile-friendly donation forms that can be viewed and used from any device.

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