Reporting for The Press of Atlantic City, Staff Writer, Maxwell Reil, writes about the recent crowdfunding workshop held at Stockton University which pointed out the benefits and concerns for nonprofits looking to adopt the crowdsourced fundraising model. Mr. Reil, who is also a photographer and videographer, covers the business section for the 120-year-old New Jersey newspaper.

Nonprofits learn the benefits and pitfalls of crowdfunding

year-end crowdfunding campaigns

Maxwell Reil Press of Atlantic City | 11/16/15

STAFFORD TOWNSHIP — Felicia DiRocco was one of about 30 people who piled into a packed classroom at the Stockton University Manahawkin Instructional Site on Monday wanting to learn more about crowdfunding for their nonprofits.

DiRocco, a secretary for a nonprofit called the Maximillion Foundation, said the foundation has had a GoFundMe page for almost a year, but efforts to raise money with it are moving fairly slow.

Online donations can be a successful way for nonprofits to raise money, but there are potential obstacles such as large fees, campaign stagnancy and donor trust, said Laura Pople, who spearheaded the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce’s Kickstarter and Crowd Sourcing Seminar on Monday.


Ensuring The Success Of Your Year-end Crowdfunding Campaigns

The Stockton University workshop pointed out some of the pitfalls preventing nonprofit organizations from successfully funding their work through digital fundraising, especially, crowdfunding. Overcoming the challenges of high fees, campaigns that seem to go nowhere and a lack of donor trust can mean the difference between success or failure of your year-end giving campaigns.

3 Tips For Successful Year-End Crowdfunding Campaigns

In addition to ensuring that your year-end crowdfunding campaigns are mobile-responsive, which

  1. 1.   Lower the Cost of Fundraising – Choose a digital fundraising platform with pricing plans that offers low credit card processing rate, does not charge setup, monthly or transaction fees and includes mobile payment app and mobile credit card swipers without any additional hidden costs.
  2. 2.   Keep Your Campaigns Alive and Your Crowdfunders Motivated – Compel supporters to sign up to raise funds for your cause by creating a crowdfunding video you can share across social media that tells your org’s moving story then encourage your crowdfunders to create their own personal videos that can help you raise 105% more in donations
  3. 3.   Earn Your Donor’s Trust – Keeping your donors informed and updated on the progress of your year-end crowdfunding campaigns with text messages to boost confidence in your org, which can increase giving by 126%

Quadruple donations for your year-end crowdfunding campaigns with a promotional video you can share via email, social media and text message.

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