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Best Advice for Nonprofits to Engage and Retain Donors with Facebook

In a recent blog post for nonprofit social solutions provider Socialbrite, John Haydon presents a list of simple advice that organizations should follow in order to improve how they engage and reach their donors on Facebook. The author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies, Mr. Haydon is also a regular contributor to respected media sources including the Huffington Post. He is considered one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities, helping organizations achieve their best marketing and fundraising results.

Trending News | John Haydon | Socialbrite | 02/16/16


A Simple Facebook Checklist for Better Page Posts

In a perfect world, all of your fans would see all of your posts in the news feed. But this is not a perfect world, and your Facebook posts are rarely seen by the people who’ve liked your Page.

Yes, it might seem unfair, but when you get right down to it, Facebook users are the ones telling the news feed algorithm what they want in their news feeds, not Facebook.

Here’s a simple Facebook checklist you can follow for improving your organization’s engagement and reach on Facebook:

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Insider Outlook | Lindsey Newman | MobileCause Social Media Manager

What You Absolutely, Positively, Must Know In Order to Effectively Engage and Retain Donors with Facebook

John Haydon’s checklist reveals sound advice that nonprofits should follow to successfully engage and retain donors with Facebook. The first checklist item, “Don’t ask for money, just yet”, is one of the most important pieces of advice, yet oftentimes the one most organizations ignore when posting on Facebook.

To effectively engage and retain donors on social media, organizations must first show their value through compelling content that creates a sense of community amongst supporters. Stories that resonate with your audience are more likely to make them care about your cause, so focus on using social media for relevant conversations instead of only using it for “asks” and donations.

Summary: 56% of people donate to a nonprofit because they read a story posted on social media, so to effectively engage and retain donors with Facebook organizations must focus first on showing value in the stories and services they provide. By doing so, your audience will naturally be more inclined to engage with and support your organization through both donations and social sharing to spread the word about your cause.

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