In his recent article on Clickz, Bob Cargill @cargillcreative lists 10 nonprofits that are using Twitter the right way to engage their supporters and connect with potential donors. Bob Cargill is an award winning marketer and currently the director of social media at Overdrive Interactive, a Boston based marketing firm that focuses on brand building and customer acquisition.

How 10 Best Nonprofit Twitter Accounts Roll on Twitter

By Clickz Bob Cargill| 5/19/15









boxing fundraiserCommunicating with supporters is an essential component of donor acquisition, engagement and retention

Twitter is one of the most important social media outlets in the world and can be hugely beneficial to engage a vast array of your constituents. Even though Twitter only allows you to write 140 characters you can still use powerful imagery, videos, and phrases to keep your supporters passionate and connected. Linking to mobile friendly online giving forms is an essential part of Twitter use for nonprofits. Additionally, calls to action at the end of videos should instruct supporters to go to mobile friendly donations pages. Fundraising campaigns promoted by video raise 4 times as much in donations over social media than those that don’t.

How the best nonprofit Twitter accounts tweet

For more statistics and information about how the best nonprofit twitter accounts and their leaders use twitter, there is a great infographic on twiplomacy. The study takes a deeper look into the best nonprofit twitter accounts retweets per tweet, average tweets per day, and percentage of replies. You can use this data to improve your twitter outreach to gain more followers that can turn into more donations.

Many of these organizations have thousands or even millions of followers but they all started with zero at some point in time. If your nonprofit organization has not started using twitter yet, now is the time to start. It is very simple and easy to setup. You can sign up on Twitter’s sign up form and you will be on your way to getting more followers in no time. When you create your account be sure to let your donors, volunteers, and staff know to follow you so you can keep them engaged with your cause.

International organizations should use Twitter and Text to promote donation pages

Read our article on Twitter giving and see how you can use Twitter and text to capture impulse donations.

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