Dr Ross Cross Country Bike Ride Fundraising

Peer to peer fundraising and online giving for an influential individual in the community doing a cross country bike ride fundraising on behalf of Boys & Girls Clubs. Orthodontist Dr. Ross rode his bike on a 1200 mile journey from Greenville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida to raise awareness and $75,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Bike Ride Personal Fundraising Page and Keyword

Dr. Ross’ local Boys & Girls Clubs chapter set him up with the personal fundraising keyword RIDE, and his own Social Giving fundraising page with his photo, message, goal, and a mobile web fulfillment form.

Bike Ride Mobile Marketing

Dr. Ross used social media and email to ask his personal network of friends, family, colleagues and supporters to donate to his campaign by texting RIDE to 71777. Immediately supporters received a text message reply with a link to his personal fundraising page where they could donate, and also share his campaign through their own email, Facebook, Twitter and text messages. Dr. Ross also used the mobile web form on his fundraising website, and so all funds collected during the campaign remitted directly to Boys & Girls Clubs. (Social Giving has zero transaction fees with qualifying plans.)

Bike Ride Fundraising Results

After 2 years of training and with 2 days left to go in the ride, Dr. Ross’ team was involved in an accident that prevented him from completing the ride. Despite that turn of events Dr. Ross raised almost $17,000 with peer to peer fundraising, for a total of $71,516 in bike ride fundraising. Peer to peer fundraising is the most powerful and convenient way for nonprofit organization volunteers to raise donations for important causes.


Jeremy KoenigBy Jeremy Koenig, Head of Marketing

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