Barry Schwartz’s (@RustyBrick) latest Search Engine Land article about Bing’s mobile friendly search algorithm announcement scheduled for the coming months reinforces the importance of responsive web design. Barry is the news editor at Search Engine Land, a leading daily publication that covers all aspects of the search marketing industry.

Bing Will Roll Out Their Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm In The Upcoming Months


By Barry Schwartz | Search Engine Land | 5/14/15

Bing has announced they will be introducing their own version of mobile friendly ranking signals in the upcoming months. With that, Bing explained how they determine if a web page is mobile friendly, when they will add the mobile friendly label to your site and what tools they have to help webmasters ensure their sites are mobile friendly.

mobilecause-outlookBing, which is now the same company as Yahoo, makes up a combined 30% of the search engine market share. 85% of it’s users are in the United States, with 87% of users coming Internet Explorer. 70% of mobile searches from Bing Ads come from iOS. Surprising, most Bing searches on iOS occur because it powers Web search from Siri.

In addition, Internet Explorer is the default search engine for every Microsoft device. That means most non tech-savvy people will continue to use Microsoft’s search engine because (1) it opens automatically and (2) they do not know how or don’t want to change browsers or search engines. This is great if you are trying to reach a more mature group of American adults with a college background and household income of more than $75,000.

84% of nonprofit donation landing pages are not mobile friendly.

Why should any of this matter?

Bing announced it will follow Google’s lead by rolling out it’s own version of Mobilegeddon. This time, with plenty of warning as a release date for search engine updates for mobile friendly sites still undetermined. The changes will happen in the coming months and will only effect mobile search, just like Google’s Mobilegeddon. Bing will apply a “Mobile Friendly” label within search results, but site relevance will still “trump mobile friendliness.”

84 of the top 100 nonprofit organizations did not have responsive (aka mobile friendly) donation forms or landing pages. Responsive design make sites and donation forms easier to access and use from any device because content resizes to dynamically fit the screen of each device it is viewed on.

Take away: Without responsive forms, your organization could be missing out on 34% of traffic and 28% of additional revenue. Supplementing your website with custom branded responsive donation forms is a great way to give your supporters an extraordinary donation experience from any device.

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