In his article for Marketing Land, Greg Stirling reported on how mobile devices actually drove traffic for Black Friday shoppers making an omnichannel marketing approach the most effective for retailers. Mr. Stirling is the Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land and author of the blog, Screenwerk, covering the connection between digital media and real-world consumer behavior.

Black Friday Weekend: E-Commerce Thinned Crowds, Mobile Devices Drove Traffic

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Greg Stirling | Marketing Land | 11/30/15

Black Friday ain’t what it used to be. The cultural ritual (if I can call it that) appears to have lost some of its mojo, as many retailers, seeking attention and competitive advantage, make Black Friday-style deals available before Thanksgiving. There has also been a shift of some in-store shopping to online (and mobile).

According to Channel Advisor, Amazon and eBay did well, but so did so-called omnichannel retailers. In an analysis of Thanksgiving sales activity, the company said:

When we dig into the “other 3PM” data, what stands out is the Omnichannel players with stores and online marketplaces (Best Buy, Sears, etc.) did extremely well. This indicates that these “Brick and Clicks” retailers were really able to tie their store and online promotions together with great success.


Nonprofit Mobile Marketing Makes Everything You Do More Effective

One of the main lessons revealed in Mr. Sterling’s article is that a multi-channel strategy made the one-day shopping event more successful for the select retailers used both in-store and online promotions to entice more shoppers on Black Friday.

Whatever type of fundraising your organization favors, by incorporating a nonprofit mobile marketing approach into all that you do, you’ll be able to reach more donors and increase contributions at any time of year.

For example, direct mail, the most popular of fundraising methods for nonprofits, can be improved by integrating it with nonprofit mobile marketing.

nonprofit-mobile-marketing, direct-mail-envelope

40% of your supporters are more likely to respond to your next direct mail campaign if they’ve been alerted to it ahead of time via email or text.  Plus you can save money with a special 2% nonprofit discount if you include mobile donation instructions like a QR code or text to donate keyword on the direct mail envelope.

Integrate a nonprofit mobile fundraising strategy to boost your existing promotional efforts and improve the return on investment for every one of your org’s marketing campaigns.

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