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Black Tie & Boxing for JDRF



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“Although our team was hesitant to sign up with MobileCause, because it was something new and different, we’re glad we did. The platform proved to be dynamic, user friendly and will take your event to the next level.”

– Rachel Ryan, Volunteer Chairperson


Black Tie & Boxing is an annual fundraising event consisting of a cocktail hour and formal dinner alongside a series of live, sanctioned Kickboxing/MMA style matches. As a fund of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation, proceeds from the Black Tie & Boxing event go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Year-over-year the event proved to be a success, but the Black Tie Tie & Boxing team knew the event had the potential to reach more members of their community and raise more for Type I Diabetes.


Black Tie & Boxing partnered with MobileCause to incorporate mobile and online giving tools including text-to-donate, a live event thermometer, peer-to-peer fundraising and Facebook Live. The Black Tie team launched a “Fight Club” themed peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, where fighters in the community were invited to sign up and train for the event. Fighters shared their peer-to-peer fundraising page with family and friends and even attended a pre-event weigh-in at a local brewpub. In addition, text-to-donate instruction cards were placed on all of the tables and general admission seats at the event, while a live event thermometer was displayed on-screen next to speakers. This made it easier for attendees to submit donations in any amount without cash or check. The sold out event was also broadcast via Facebook Live to include supporters who were unable to attend.


After incorporating MobileCause’s mobile, online and live-event fundraising tools into the Black Tie & Boxing gala, year-over-year revenue increased substantially and raised over $190,000. With peer-to-peer fundraising, the event was shared amongst the fighters’ network of friends of family to help sell out the event. The addition of text-to-donate and the live event thermometer doubled donations from previous years. The extra revenue generated using the MobileCause platform and tools allows the Black Tie team to more widely advertise for next year. By partnering with MobileCause, Black Tie & Boxing attracted new supporters, event attendees (both on and offline) and raised significantly more year-over-year.

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Black Tie & Boxing

Black Tie & Boxing is a fund of the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation. WHF created the Black Tie & Boxing fund to benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in its mission to fight against Type 1 Diabetes. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation advocates for policies that accelerate access to new therapies, and provides a support network for millions of people around the world impacted by T1D.

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