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3 Black History Month Campaign Ideas for Nonprofits

WRITTEN BY Leah Libolt

Nonprofits exist to address community needs. As our communities become increasingly inclusive, it becomes imperative for your nonprofit to make sure that the diverse stakeholders you serve feel like they are an integral part of the fabric of your organization and that your nonprofit honors them and who they are.

One way to do this is by celebrating heritage months. These month-long (or weeks-long) periods were created to celebrate the diversity and achievements of historically marginalized groups and are a great starting point for your nonprofit’s journey towards inclusion.  It is important to note, that to be truly inclusive, your organization should not limit its acknowledgement and celebration of these groups just to their “appointed” months but should make an effort to embrace and celebrate all of its constituents throughout the year.

February marks Black History Month, and so we wanted to highlight a few nonprofits that are doing a great job of celebrating this important time.

3 Black History Month Campaign Ideas from Real Nonprofits

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1. Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation

The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation was founded by Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. Dr. Green is a multi-disciplinary physicist. She specializes in targeted cancer therapeutics, using laser-activated nanoparticles and immunotherapies to develop biomarker-specific platforms to target, image, and treat malignant tumors. The focus of their campaign was the celebration of Black people who are making history today—like Dr. Green.

Ora Lee Cancer Research Foundation's short video on their embedded MobileCause donation form.
Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation's Facebook reel promoting black history month.

What’s great about their campaign:

  • They are using Black History Month to celebrate legendary Black Americans, like Dr. Green, and elevate the work being done by their organization to cure cancer for all people.
  • They play on the idea of history also meaning to eradicate something, in this case cancer, as a way to inspire supporters to give. They also offer how to share the organization’s efforts widely through posting videos on social media with branded hashtags.

2. The Pad Project

As part of their mission to empower menstruators around the world through innovation, advocacy and education, the Pad Project is celebrating Black-run nonprofits that are making a difference in the menstruation space. As part of the celebration, the Pad Project will be directing all of their fundraising efforts toward four organizations that are run by Black menstruators, for Black menstruators. The Pad Project will be matching donations to each organization.

What’s great about their campaign:

  • They made the community that they are celebrating the hero—they made sure to center the stories of the Black folks who are making a difference in this space.
  • They partnered with nonprofits that are part of the community that they are celebrating. Partnering with organizations within the community can help nonprofits develop a greater degree of cultural intelligence and helps connect the communities to a campaign at a deeper level.
The Pad Project's Black History Month campaign page.

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3. Spurs Give

Spurs Give is the official 501c3 nonprofit organization of Spurs Sports and Entertainment (The San Antonio Spurs Basketball Team). The foundation allows players to invest in their community—especially in youth programs.

In celebration of Black History Month, Spurs Give used social media to share the stories and histories of many of the Black leaders that have had an impact on the San Antonio community. In addition, the Spurs General manager Brian Wright brought together prominent community leaders for the first-ever Spurs Young Professionals Black History Panel.

A Facebook post from Spurs Give celebrating Black History month with an MLK March.
Spurs Give promotes their panel for Black History Month via Facebook.

What’s great about their campaign:

  • It highlighted stories of lesser-known Black heroes who have had an impact on their communities
  • It centered the stories and experiences of black professionals and gave them a platform to inspire other young professionals as they look to advance in their careers.

Whatever your organization decides to do for Black History Month, the key is to show up for the communities you want to serve and represent, all year round.

Leah Libolt
Senior Digital Fundraising Strategist


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