3 Great Virtual Fundraising Videos

Check out these five videos from MobileCause clients.


Videos are a powerful fundraising tool that are all too often skipped. Nonprofits need only look at commercial marketing statistics: 85% of all US-based internet users watch online video regularly. And 54% want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

We know engagement with videos helps to draw viewers into your story and your campaign, and convert them into donors. And what’s even better is that your video doesn’t need to have high production value. Let’s take a look at how three nonprofits used video in their campaigns.

3 Great Fundraising Videos from MobileCause Clients

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1. Kids Beach Club

When Kids Beach Club had to cancel their annual dinner not once, but twice, due to COVID-19, they decided to pivot to an online peer to peer campaign. Their founder and president recorded an engaging video that laid out their mission, past success, this year’s challenge and goal, and how to get involved in just 2 and a half minutes. It puts a face to the ask, and personalizes the campaign, not only through Jack’s friendly presentation but with the images of kids. People understand and more importantly feel why they should get involved. Their website also has a second video that walks through the step-by-step process of how to become an individual fundraiser for the peer to peer campaign. In MobileCause, the process to set up a personal fundraising page is intuitive, but providing more resources for people in a personable way helps the campaign stand out more.

Video for Kids Beach Club included a message from KBC founder and president.

2. Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Catskill Animal Sanctuary held a virtual Olympics competition they called Goat Games, named after their rescued farm animals. They made fun and short videos that served as trailers to build excitement, explain the campaign, and provide updates. The videos were all 40 seconds or less and added to their crowdfunding media carousel throughout the campaign. They were a great way to add personality and fun to an activity-based campaign. 

3. Believe Big

Of course with the rise of virtual events, video is crucial. Believe Big put on a 45-minute virtual dinner event. Proving that simple solutions can have great results, they used an iphone to record and stream their live segments, and used an affordable light and decor from Michaels to give the live segments an interesting visual. 

To learn more about their experience putting this event on, check out their case study here.

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All three of these examples show that you don’t need to be a movie studio to connect to someone through video. Use a well-lit area with clear sound, and plan out what you want to say.

Engaging videos can make a big difference in making a campaign stand out, and capturing the interest of potential donors and sponsors. Let videos show the personality of your organization, express the heart of your mission, and the opportunity donors have to make positive change.

Corey Blake
Digital Fundraising Strategist



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