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3 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs to Consider Text Messaging


97% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind and 77% own a smartphone, making text messaging the most direct way for nonprofits to connect with their donor base. Mobile messaging allows nonprofits to connect with their donor base instantaneously and faster than any other marketing channel. Below are three additional reasons on why your nonprofit needs to consider text messaging software. 

1. Text Messages Average a 98% Open Rate

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Text messages average a 98% open rate and 97% are opened within 3 minutes. To compare, email has just a 22% open rate. Texting is the most widely-used forms of communication, with 97% of Americans using it at least once per day. If you want to reach your supporters, text messages give you the highest likelihood of doing so, especially when the need is immediate.

With MobileCause, you can track how your text messages perform. You can actually see how many donations, registrations, and sign ups were conducted via a mobile device. Learn more about our text analytics →

Top nonprofit organizations are already using text messaging. For example, one of our clients, Wildlife SOS, a wildlife care and rescue organization, needed donations to help rescue an injured and abused elephant named Raju. Time was limited, so they started a crowdfunding campaign and sent out blasts via text message and social media asking for people to text “RAJU” to 71777 and help raise funds for his rescue mission. In the end, they collected over $47,000 by having donors text-to-donate to help with his rescue and ongoing care costs, and continue to send those supporters updates about Raju’s well-being. Read WildLife SOS’s full case study

If you’re reading this and you’re concerned about sending text messages to your supporters that didn’t opt in, don’t worry! Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Nonprofits do have special permissions. So long as a fundraiser’s text is purely for charitable purposes and not commercial solicitation, the text will not fall under the TCPA.

2. Texting Messaging = Eco-Friendly Fundraising

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As nonprofits continue to adopt clean technology, many opt for text messaging. It’s important to note that text messaging is a great solution to printed direct mail, which consumes more trees and has a lower open rate. Text messaging is also sustainable, requiring less resources to keep campaigns going. Digital text messaging subscriptions can be kept running, where as traditional marketing requires renewal of marketing collateral.

Would you like to learn more about how MobileCause can help you set up a text messaging campaign for your organization?

3. Mass Texting Can Be Used for More than Just Fundraising

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While many people are familiar with carrier-billed text message donations, today’s fundraising software allows far more flexibility for nonprofit organizations thanks to text message keywords. Text message keywords are keywords that supporters can text to a 5-digit shortcode, like 41444 or 91999, to perform specific actions, such as signing up for a volunteer event or joining a peer-to-peer fundraiser. Once a supporter texts your keyword to the corresponding shortcode, they’ll receive a link to a landing page where they can input their information. Even better, a supporter who texts any one of your keywords can be subscribed to receive ongoing updates for your organization.

MobileCause’s enhanced text messaging features allow nonprofits to personalize text messages and expand their messaging to 280 characters with long-form text for more engaging content. Watch the video →

Considering just how effective text messages can be for nonprofits, perhaps it’s time for your organization to consider text message fundraising and communication solutions for your cause and start reaping the rewards.

Kristina Brunnler
Marketing Manager



Our goal at MobileCause is to help nonprofit organizations create and manage successful digital fundraising campaigns, raise more money and retain donors longer. Request a free demo with one of our fundraising experts to learn, step by step, how MobileCause can simply help set up your campaigns while transforming your results.

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