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4 Steps For Creating A Viral Crowdfunding Campaign (Part Three)


You’ve made it! You’re on the last day of your viral crowdfunding campaign!

In part one of this series 4 Steps for Creating a Viral Crowdfunding Campaign, you set everything up and got people excited for the kickoff of your campaign. In part two, you got things rolling and kept things going with new content, supporter games and contests and keeping your supporters engaged in the mid-campaign slump.

Ad now, it’s time to wrap it up. It’s the last day. It’s the big day. Are you going to make your goal? Or if you’ve made your goal, are you going to make that stretch goal? Get excited because today is may be a long (but rewarding) day and you’ll want all the energy you can get.

The last day is all about frequent and constant updates and communication. You’ve been working toward this, and now it’s time to shine.

Get Through the Final Push of Your Crowdfunding Fundraising Campaign with these Tips

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Personal Appeals

You have your list of donors, you have your list of supporters who shared about the campaign (again, see Part 2). It’s time to talk to them. Appeal to them. Let them know how close you are to a goal, ask them to help push you over the line. Ask them once more to share to their network so together, you can make that goal and do great things.

Is this a lot of work? You bet! Does it get results? You bet! By making that last minute personal appeal, your supporters become instantly engaged. When you can mention them by name, maybe their donation amount, their kind words on whichever social media platform they use, asking for just that little bit more “in these final hours” they’ll at least think about it.

Now, absolutely, you can make this something like a form letter where your list automatically plugs in their name, but if you can make that message just a little unique, a little more personal, you will get responses.

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation made personal appeals to supporters on Twitter.

Personal Cheerleading

You have volunteer fundraisers helping raise the money for you. If you’ve been engaged throughout the campaign, you may have noticed some friendly rivalry between your volunteers. Use that in the last day’s communications.

Cheer on the underdog to try to get them back in the running. Make absolutely sure you are tagging them and their rival in your social media posts so both their networks will get wind of the “competition.”

Cheer on the current leader and let their network know how well they are doing and how close the “competition” really is.

Label their networks, make them a team and cheer for them all:

“#TeamCorey is so close to taking the lead over #TeamLindsey. Who will win? Your dollars can change the outcome!”

“#TeamLindsey has dominated the rivalry with #TeamCorey. But it looks like Corey is closing the gap. Will they replace the number one #TeamLindsey? Will you let them? Your dollars can keep Lindsey in the lead!”

Cheering on your volunteers on the last day boosts their fundraising, boosts the fun and excitement of the campaign and boosts the awareness of your organization.

United Way of Granite made personal shout outs to supporters for their peer-t-peer fundraising campaign.
United Way made a personal shot out to a supporter for their Over the Edge campaign.

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Thanking and Status Updates and Everything Else

United Way of Abilene gave an update in their Instagram Stories for their peer-to-peer campaign.
San Diego Community Resource Center gave an update in their Instagram Stories for their peer-to-peer campaign.
Identity Mission gave an update in their Instagram Stories for their peer-to-peer campaign.

Was there anything, any video or blog post or anything else that you haven’t used yet in the campaign? Post it now. When you keep your posts engaging, interesting and diverse, it almost doesn’t matter how many posts you put out there. It’s the last day, so pull out the stops, use the content you have, because you have it!

Provide status updates. If the numbers are increasing rapidly, consider an update every hour. Yes, an update every hour. Show how close you are, show how far you’ve surpassed your goal. Make your supporters as excited as you for these wonderful results you’ve achieved together.

Thank your supporters every time you speak. You really couldn’t do it without them and again it’s a time to cheer them on! Tell them to go find that friend who hasn’t given yet and tell them to chip in a couple of dollars to help out so you can pass that goal.

Ideally, before the last day, you have already thanked your donors, but if you haven’t, get those thank you messages out now. Those individual thank you messages. Have those prepared so you don’t have to think about it on the last day because you should be thanking the last day donors live.

When they donate, tweet them by name. On your video status updates, have the list and thank them by name.

At the very end of the campaign, consider going live and watching the donor wall stream in and thank each person by name as they donate. The power of video, immediate feedback and instant recognition cannot be beat.

Close out your day with a livestream celebration. Give one last thank you as it shuts down. You should be exhausted by the end and it is a great thing to show your supporters how exhausted you are, because you’ve worked hard for the organization and they will appreciate every bit of it.

And then, take a well deserved rest for the remainder of the night, because the real work starts the day after the campaign ends… which we’ll discuss in the final part of this series.

Scott Couchman
Training Manager


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