4 Steps to Test If Your Virtual Campaign is Ready for Launch


During these unprecedented times, many organizations are opting for virtual events and campaigns. Virtual events give your organization the ability to connect with your donors online. Whether it’s a virtual gala, day or week of giving, a peer-to-peer campaign or fund drive, ironing out all the details of your campaign before launch is incredibly important. Follow the steps below to test and make sure your virtual campaign is optimized for success.

1. Review your campaign page

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One of the most important parts of finalizing your virtual campaign for launch is reviewing all of your components and looking at them from the donor’s perspective. After you complete your set up, go through all of the pages to check them out. Be sure to look at any main Event Pages or Landing pages, donation forms, sign up forms and any other pages being used to support the campaign. Do you have all the important elements set up? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have you tested your text-to-donate keyword? If you are using a text-to-donate keyword as part of your virtual campaign, have you tested it? Does it autocorrect on your phone or is it simple to send in? When you text in and click the link, do you receive the correct page back on your phone?
  • Is your page mobile optimized? Check out the mobile view of your campaign page and donation forms to make sure everything looks great on both desktop and mobile.
  • Are you demonstrating your organization’s impact clearly? It’s important that donors know what your organization does to make a difference for your beneficiaries, so be sure to include any impact metrics where possible.
  • Does your campaign page have a clear call-to-action? Make sure that it is very obvious how donors would participate in your cause with clearly visible, bold donation buttons. 
  • Does your donation form follow best practices? Is your donation form simple and easy for a donor to complete? Did you require the necessary contact fields like name, mobile number and email address so you can follow up with donors later on?

2. Make a test gift

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It’s important to test a transaction on your campaign page to follow through on the full donor experience. Make sure that your gift goes through smoothly and consider any obstacles that may prevent a donor from completing their gift. Confirm that your donation is processed correctly and see how the donation comes through into your reporting. See if there are any important fields to your organization that may be missing from your donation form.

It’s also crucial to check both the confirmation page and tax receipt after you’ve made a gift. This is the first opportunity that your organization has to show your gratitude and appreciation to donors. Be sure to use this opportunity to build on that relationship by sharing a heartfelt thank you and how their support goes to make a difference. 

You can even continue this stewardship within the tax-receipt. While it’s important to make sure your donor has everything for tax deduction purposes (date, donation amount, Tax IDs), your email receipt can also have a genuine thank you message to help build the relationship.

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3. Test any livestream capabilities

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If your virtual campaign involves any livestreaming, especially for a virtual gala, make sure to test “going live” and view your live video on the Event Page. While your Event Page may be public and visible by those interested in the event, you can “go live” with a quick update about the event. Are there any highlights to share? Reminders about how and when to join in? Consider a 5 minute or so live video updating guests about the event while also testing that all livestreaming components are working smoothly ahead of time.

4. Test and confirm your communications

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You’ll likely launch your campaign across all your regular channels: email, social media, text message and however else you communicate with your donors. Just as you would test your campaign and donation pages, be sure to also test your communications. 

Send an email to yourself and/or your team to make sure everything appears in the email correctly and all links are working. Try a sample social media post to make sure your social share options look great and links are working correctly too. Also, test any text messages that you may be sending out as part of your campaign. Send the message to a test group and double check to make sure all copy is correct and links are directed to the right place.

Lastly, double check any additional scheduled communications you have, whether that’s through email, social media or text message. Make sure the copy and links are correct through all future scheduled communications and are ready to go!

When finalizing your campaign, it’s very important to remember the donor experience. Be sure to provide compelling impact metrics, a clear call-to-action, an easy to complete donation form and a heartfelt thank you. Test wherever you can to make sure that all the elements of your campaign are working smoothly and you should be ready to launch your virtual campaign!

Lindsey Himphill
Digital Fundraising Strategist



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