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4 Ways to Set Your Volunteers Up for Success


Volunteers are as essential to your nonprofit as donations. Without volunteers, many organizations would be unable to fulfill their purpose. An interesting  Google study revealed valuable information that can help nonprofit organizations better manage their volunteer team in preparation for the next fundraising season. Whether you have 2 or 20, your volunteers’ ability to work well as a team can significantly impact whether your next fundraising event is a success or failure.

Follow these four tips to help ensure your volunteer team works together effectively, with passion and with purpose.


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Listen to every member of your volunteer team. While it’s okay to appoint a leader or manager, there must be a balance within the team to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that individual contributions are recognized and appreciated.

2. Identify Each Team Members’ Best Trait

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Some members of your volunteer team may be better at planning, while others may excel at execution or checking in registrants. Text every member a link to a quick online survey they can take right from their smartphones. This will help you find out which job each individual is best suited for, ensuring their combined skills make for a well-rounded, rock-star team.

With MobileCause you can set up volunteer registration pages in minutes. Sign up volunteers from wherever they are with mobile and online solutions that make it easy to get involved.


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Provide your volunteer team with training and coaching videos, both on your website and via text, so they are prepared to tackle any issues that may arise before, during and after your event.

4. Turn Your Volunteers into Digital Ambassadors

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Empower your volunteer team to easily set up mobile-friendly, peer-to-peer fundraising pages to make an even bigger impact. Provide them with campaign branding and signup process, then allow each team  member to customize their page with their own photo, message, keyword and goal to promote to their own network of colleagues, friends and family.

MobileCause can help you launch an effective peer-to-peer campaign to expand your donor network. Learn More →

Recognizing individual strengths, listening to your volunteers and providing them with the training and powerful mobile-friendly solutions available ensures an effective team. Empower your volunteers in making the biggest impact possible for your cause, not only in the fundraising season to come, but all year round.

Kristina Brunnler
Marketing Manager



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