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The 6 Essential Elements of Successful Donation Forms


When running a fundraising campaign, there are so many moving parts. There must be time dedicated to communicating with your audience through multiple channels so that they’re aware of your organization’s story and have built an emotional connection. Then, you must motivate them to make a donation.

So, when the time comes and a donor is ready to give, you need to make sure that their online donation experience is seamless and as easy as possible. By following the best practices below, you can provide the best experience for your online donors and maximize your donations.


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Being strategic when setting up the following elements of your online donation form can help you make the most user-friendly experience for your supporters!

View a live MobileCause online giving form example to follow along →


You do not want the donor to have any doubt or confusion where their donation is going to. So be sure to include a recognizable logo at the top of your organization’s donation form.


You may have the option to include suggested amounts on your organization’s donation form. If so, think strategically about the amounts you’re presenting to your audience. Determine who makes up your audience and target demographic as part of this campaign and what you would expect the average gift to be. Not sure? If you’ve run this campaign before or other campaigns with a similar audience, take a look at the data to help you determine the average in previous years.

Once you have an idea of the average donation amount, you’ll want to present to supporters an amount that’s slightly higher than your average. Providing one amount lower than the average, and one higher gives donors a wider range of options.

Pro Tip: Consider segmenting out your fundraising further. If you have donors with a wide range of giving levels, you can create multiple donation forms to cater to the different donor groups.


If you can provide metrics to how donations directly impact your beneficiaries, show them off Donors love to see tangible evidence of their support and impact metrics helps create a stronger connection to your organization. If a certain donation level equates to something tangible your organization can provide to a beneficiary, consider detailing it out on your form. Such as $100 provides x number of meals for the hungry. Impact metrics can even help increase the amount a donor ends up giving!


Be sure to give donors the option to create a recurring donation. Depending on the type of campaign or storytelling your organization has been doing, a donor may be willing to commit to a recurring gift and you definitely don’t want to prevent them from doing so!


Remember our main objective for your donation form? Keep it as easy as possible for donors to complete. While you want to have important pieces of contact information required, like the donor’s name, email, and phone number, you also want to avoid having too many items required. More required fields may make the donation form more difficult (or just lengthy) to complete. The goal: avoid any unnecessary deterrents to giving.


End strong. Consider adding a short thank you message to your donation form to showcase your appreciation of the support. If you can, send the donors a tax-deductible receipt with a thank you message directly from your organization. These thank you messages will be an important part of keeping a good relationship with your donors and encouraging additional gifts in the future.

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Example forms that follow these best practices

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Women Who Code, has a great donation form embedded directly to their website. Their donation button is easily visible in their website’s menu, and it’s very clear which organization the donor is giving to. They’ve also formatted their website to include more information on the impact of donations adjacent to their form. It’s a simple, visually appealing  form that makes it easy for the donor to complete.

View Women Who Code’s donation form →

The Assistance Fund, runs strong campaigns with great messaging and storytelling that motivates donors to give. All done with a simple, easy to complete donation form where supporters are able to give simply and quickly.

View The Assistance Fund’s Donation Form →

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, has a great example of a donation form that follows multiple best practices. Their branding and who you’re making a donation to is all very clear just from their donation form. They highlight a suggested amount and recommend a recurring donation to increase their giving. In addition, they require only the most important points of contact information to avoid a lengthy form. Visually, it looks simple and easy to complete.

View The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Donation Form →


Whether you’re creating a new campaign, or reviewing an existing one, check out your donation forms and make sure they’re optimized with these key elements provide the best user experience for your donors and inspire more giving!

Lindsey Himphill
Digital Marketing Strategist




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