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How to Boost Donations with Print & Direct Mail Marketing


Summer is often the time when nonprofit organizations take a break. But that’s not you. You’re not going to take a break, right? Because you know that now is the perfect time to experiment with how you reach new supporters; test things out and get a feel for something different. Focusing on how to use a new tool during the downtimes will ensure it’s ready and available for you when things get busy again. (And, if summer happens to be busy for you, then just bookmark this for a later date.)

Let’s talk about communication methods. Are you currently using your full potential? Are you using texting instructions and QR codes on all your printed media and direct mail? By ignoring communication channels, especially the stalwarts, you are potentially missing out on part of your audience and the opportunity to bring in new supporters to your organization.

People understand printed media. They may be waiting in line, or just browsing something, and they’ll come across your poster. During these moments of waiting, people struggle with boredom. They’re naturally looking for something to do. They’ll be curious and open. So why not give them a reason to pull out their phones and interact with your poster? A web address in this situation is likely too much work. Typing? Ugh. Multiple words?! Nope. Give them a text-to-donate keyword. Give them a QR code. That’s something unique, simple and built into your MobileCause account if you’re currently working with us.

QR codes have been around for a long time. But truthfully, they came out long before the technology could catch up, and so were a total hassle to use. Not anymore. Now, you just open your camera and point it at a QR code and it resolves to whatever you want. Their updated ease of use has created a renewed interest in them, and for good reason.

TRY IT: Take your phone out and scan the QR Code right here, to see how it works. 

Try adding a QR code to your media for the novelty of it. You may not even need to reference it, just let it sit there and tempt the onlooker. They’ll wonder what happens if they check it out. Set up different activities. Do A/B testing. With the Advanced MobileCause Package you can track your QR codes vs. texts vs. web links for each activity and use data insights delineated by marketing channel within your campaign. Learn more about MobileCause’s analytics →

Oh, and there’s also a discount for nonprofits using QR codes in direct mail. Did you know about that one? Add one and your USPS mailings might be less expensive. Who’s complaining about that? No one.

Speaking about direct mail, it’s the tried and true method, right? But with everything moving online, there are ways to make a more interactive impact using this channel. How about adding texting? It can provide a sense of immediacy and personal connection when done right. You could give something away for those who text your keyword, one of the most common uses of the SMS Subscription in MobileCause. But why stop there? Set up trivia questions. Tell people to text the keyword to get the answer. Set up a multiple choice question. Text Keyword1 if you think the answer is A, and Text Keyword2 if you think the answer is B. Even a cool choose your own adventure concept can be played out through text messages. Experiment! Find what works for you and try to have some fun doing it.

Would you like to learn more about how MobileCause can help you set up a text-to-donate keyword and QR Code for your next campaign?


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With all this experimenting with expanding your reach through printed and direct mail channels, it would be easy to let your social game fall off. Why not extend the fun to include social media? Experiment with different platforms you perhaps haven’t tried yet. Find where your supporters are not only most active, but where they actually enjoy spending their time and join them. Learn the ins and outs of the new system. Let people know on your strongest platform that you’re starting up on another. Maybe even try out your texting trivia or QR codes on social platforms.

Expanding your reach during slower times doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be exciting to get your mission out there in a new way. You can garner new supporters. Use your QR Codes. Use your Text options. Explore new and exciting social media. Expand your own knowledge and skill set, and you’re sure to bring in new supporters along the way.

Scott Couchman
Training Manager



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