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How to Motivate Your Digital Ambassadors for Fundraising


Running a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is an excellent way to bring in new donors, raise awareness and get your supporters and volunteers engaged in new ways. Peer-to-peer campaigns thrive when they have a team of volunteer fundraisers inspired to get the word out and bring in gifts of all sizes. In a previous MobileCause blog post, we went over how to recruit a team of digital ambassadors to serve as volunteer fundraisers.

But once you have your team in place, how do you keep them engaged and motivated throughout the life of your entire campaign?

Volunteer ambassadors are still volunteers, and may not have much experience in fundraising. They may be excited at first, but some get nervous or shy after making the commitment. We want to give them the tools and courage to ask their family and friends to make a donation on their behalf.

There are three overall ways to approach this. Each can be used separately or in combination. However, you ultimately run your campaign, so make sure that it stays fun and empowering for your fundraisers.


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When we previously went through the recruiting process, we took a look at the theme of your campaign. Continuing to put focus on your theme will be a big asset in keeping your volunteers motivated. The theme drives the reason for the campaign and the impact from donations. Featuring a past beneficiary or beneficiaries is an excellent way to illustrate how the campaign can make a real difference.

Share your stories directly to your fundraisers to remind them of why the campaign is so important. You can give them a new story every week of the campaign. Encourage them to share with their friends and family, and to talk about what the story means to them.

This can serve as a reminder for ambassadors who have gone quiet, and can be the push they need to talk more openly about the campaign. For fundraisers who have been active, this gives them something new to talk about instead of making the same appeal over and over again. If their heart is in the campaign, they’ll go the extra mile in asking their friends and family for gifts.


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Storytelling is a great way to motivate the heart, but sometimes people need more. Issuing challenges to your fundraisers can help encourage those who are more goal-oriented. This can also add a game element to your campaign that cultivates a fun and friendly competition.

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Each fundraiser will already have their own goal for the campaign. On average, individual fundraisers raise $612 from 8 donors. Challenges can help them surpass that, and can be given for the entire campaign and on a weekly basis.

Here are some examples of great challenges to pose to your ambassadors:

  • Who can be the first to raise $100?
  • Who will be the first to have someone sign up as a recurring monthly donor?
  • Raise $200 by the end of the week
  • Get 5 new donors by Friday
  • Ask 5 new people you haven’t asked yet to give today
  • Have 5 friends share your page and say why they’re rooting for you

A fun variation on this is to have your fundraisers declare a challenge for themselves if they hit a goal. These can be silly, slightly embarrassing activities that will give their family and friends an added incentive to donate. Maybe they will dye their hair purple if they raise $500. Maybe they’ll burst out in song in the middle of the cafeteria. They should be encouraged to think up something that they’ve never (or rarely) done before, but is safe and fun.

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People enjoy being acknowledged for their support. And who can blame them? Rewarding your ambassadors is a very tangible way to give back and give thanks.

Rewards can be anything from written acknowledgements via mentions on social media or email, to digital badges they can display on their fundraising pages, to actual prizes. Just to note, prizes should never break the bank, but instead be something that serves as a reminder of your organization. They can be t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and other branded items. Maybe try partnering with local businesses and artists to reward ambassadors with more unique items. These can be experiences, like a meet and greet with a person of note. Or they can be physical objects, like an original painting. You could even combine them into a shopping spree sponsored by a particular store.

Rewards can be tiered so that every volunteer fundraiser gets something, but the best should get something extra. Save grand prizes for the ambassador who raises the most. Have a second prize for the fundraiser who brings in the most number of donors, regardless of gift size.

To gamify your campaign even more, pair rewards with the above challenges. Who is the first to raise $100? They get a gift certificate to a restaurant that was donated to your organization. Who got 5 new donors by Friday? They get a free branded t-shirt. These options all add to the excitement of giving and double up the lively motivation for everyone. Ultimately, what the item is matters less than why they’re getting it; for helping your nonprofit do more good in the world.

These two components are the keys to giving your volunteer fundraisers something they can really dive into and give it all they’ve got. Through it all, remember to maintain your story. Combining the heart of your campaign with the fun of challenges and rewards will give you a team of inspired and excited fundraisers.

Corey Blake
Digital Marketing Strategist



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