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Maximize Your Social Media Fundraising with Text-to-Donate


In 2019, it was recorded that 72% of U.S. Adults are using some type of social media, either online or on their cell phone. With such a large majority of Americans on social media, it’s an important channel of communication for your nonprofit. 

Text-to-donate can be an incredibly effective tool when promoting fundraising through your social media campaigns. Text-to-donate allows a donor to text in a keyword from their mobile device and receive a donation form directly to their cell phone where they can make a donation. Providing your donors the path of least resistance to your donation form is crucial so that you are making it as easy as possible for them to take action. 

There are many best practices to consider when you are promoting text-to-donate keywords through different social media channels and social media tools. Let’s take a look at a few best practices.


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Posts on your social media platforms are one of the first opportunities that you have to share your text-to-donate keyword. These posts give your organization the opportunity to elaborate on your message, so you can use the posts to tell your organization’s story or to demonstrate the impact of your work.

When posting your call to action through Facebook and Twitter posts, be sure to include the following elements: 

1)     The link directly to your donation form
2)     Your text-to-donate keyword and shortcode
3)     A graphic or video including your text-to-donate keyword

By including both the link and keyword, you’re giving your donors options in which they can choose the easiest way for them to donate. Also, Including a graphic or video as part of your post can help as an additional aid to your call to action. With Facebook’s algorithm, an image or video can even increase the post’s likelihood of being seen by your audience.


Instagram posts give you similar advantages to Facebook posts – you have room to expand on your organization’s story and impact. However, Instagram doesn’t always make it easy for organizations to share links to outside web pages. If you include links to a webpage within the caption of an Instagram post, they will not be clickable or hyperlink to anywhere.

While supporters can still copy and paste the link to visit it, the goal is to still provide the least amount of steps for your donor to take action. Text-to-Donate provides a great solution for this scenario. Within the graphic of your Instagram post, you can include your Text-to-Donate keyword so that instead of copying and pasting the link, the donor simply needs to text in.

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Live Streaming on Instagram and Facebook

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Live Streaming gives your organization the opportunity to share experiences with your followers online and allows online supporters the chance to participate virtually. The next time you have a fundraising gala, press conference, or other in-person event, consider streaming the event through Facebook Live to involve your social media following. 

Text-to-donate is extremely effective with a verbal call to action, and Facebook or Instagram Live gives your organization room for this. While streaming, consider making a live call to action using your organization’s keyword. This way, viewers can participate immediately by texting in. 

Facebook favors when you use their tools, so Facebook Live can help your organization cut through the noise and also increase the visibility of your posts. Similarly, Instagram Live will generate notifications to your followers and put your Live Video at the top of your follower’s feed. It’s also a fun way to build a relationship with your online followers and engage them directly in live time!

[Free Infographic] Facebook Live – Streaming Content for Successful Fundraising

Stories on Instagram and Facebook

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Stories are brief videos that can be posted to your organization’s page that disappear after 24 hours. They provide a great opportunity to give a “behind the scenes” look into your organization’s day to day operations or to highlight special events or milestones. As the name of the tool implies, it’s perfect for storytelling. Additionally, by using either the Instagram or Facebook Stories feature, your organization’s content is more likely to be seen by your followers. 

Because stories are more personal and direct to your audience, they present the perfect opportunity for a call to action. As with some of the other tools, this could be a place where your organization makes a verbal call to action. Even something as simple as your Executive Director or Founder making a verbal call to action with a sign with your keyword can have a big impact. A simple graphic within your stories could also work, where the keyword and shortcode are easily visible for the donor. If your organization has less than 10,000 followers on Instagram and can’t take advantage of the “Swipe Up” feature (where users could swipe up to an outside link or webpage), using your text-to-donate keyword within your stories is especially helpful.

[Free Infographic] Instagram Stories for Nonprofits – 4 Essential Tips and Ideas

When developing your social media strategy, it’s important to be strategic and think about which platforms and which social media tools your audience responds to best. Be sure to follow your strong storytelling with strong calls to action by following the best practices for text-to-donate and by making it as easy as possible for your donors to support you! If you would like more social media inspiration from our clients, make sure to check out our Twitter Moments.

Lindsey Himphill
Digital Marketing Strategist



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