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Thanking Your Digital Ambassadors


A peer-to-peer fundraising campaign lives and dies on the strength of your digital ambassadors, those volunteer spokespersons who fundraise on behalf of your organization. Because of them, you are able to expand awareness about your nonprofit and its mission, and find new donors through their networks.

This year, we’ve been writing more deeply about digital ambassadors to help you get the most out of them, especially around running a fundraising campaign. So far, we’ve covered the The Importance of Digital Ambassadors to Nonprofits, How to Recruit Digital Ambassadors for Fundraising, and How to Keep Your Digital Ambassadors Motivated.

Running a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign can feel like running a marathon. Once you pass the finish line and your campaign wraps up, it might be tempting to take a well-deserved break. But you’re not done yet!

Whether you hit your fundraising goal or not, it’s important to celebrate what was accomplished with your digital ambassadors and to begin cultivating them and their donors for future campaigns.

Recognize Your Ambassadors

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Let your digital ambassadors know you recognize  the work they put into the campaign.

Take a moment to highlight your top fundraisers on social media. It’s even better to spotlight one fundraiser at a time. Post an Instagram story of your ambassador being thanked by your executive director. Post on Facebook to let your followers know what another ambassador accomplished in the campaign, and what they’ve done for your organization in the past. Be sure to tag each digital ambassador. This not only notifies the ambassador, but also lets the ambassador’s followers see the post for increased engagement.

Publicly thanking is important but don’t let it replace a personal thank you. Email your fundraisers to let them know how much they’ve made a difference. It’s ideal to send a personalized email to each digital ambassador but if you have a lot of ambassadors, this isn’t always practical or possible. There’s nothing wrong with a single email that goes out to all ambassadors to congratulate them and recognize the difference they all made collectively. This also helps reinforce the idea that no matter how much each ambassador raised, they all made a difference.

If you had challenges or incentives for your campaign, here is where you reward your top fundraisers and teams. If the reward is a physical item, try to get your digital ambassadors to stop by to pick it up. If so, you can get a picture or quick video of them receiving their reward from a beneficiary of your organization or a member of your board or staff. This makes for a great post on social media.

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If your digital ambassadors did their jobs, you have a bunch of new donors in your database. Of course new donors are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, so it’s important to treat them well and do all you can turn them into repeat donors.

Because the donors came in through your digital ambassadors, we have to assume their knowledge of your organization and mission may be limited. For some, they gave because their family member or friend asked them to do so, and that was enough for them. For others, they watched your campaign video, read your impact statement, and maybe even did some research on your organization until they felt comfortable donating.

Each donor’s knowledge will be at a different level, so the first step is to try to win their hearts so that they’ll feel comfortable giving next time without a digital ambassador family member or friend asking them.

Each donor should get a receipt by email right after giving with a custom message thanking them for the gift and an explanation of how it will make a difference. Then, once the campaign is over, plan to send another email letting them know the campaign results, and how the money raised will be used.

This is part of the first impression you’re establishing with these new donors. These emails should serve as an update on the campaign, how it ties into your overall mission, as well as an opportunity for storytelling content to underscore why your mission is so important. This storytelling can continue through a monthly series of emails and texts so that they don’t forget about the ongoing efforts of your organization within the community.

Ultimately the end of any campaign is really just the beginning for expanding relationships with your digital ambassadors and new relationships with your new donors. It may be tempting to skip this step of a campaign, but it’s crucial work that fosters goodwill with your community of ambassadors and donors and lays the groundwork for engagement with future campaigns.

Corey Blake
Digital Marketing Strategist



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