Why Mobile Giving Will Dominate the Future of Nonprofit Donations


Like in any other industry, technology is changing the way nonprofits operate. There are a variety of devices and services at nonprofits’ disposal today, but one specific technology, the smartphone, is changing the future of donations.

If you run a nonprofit, you need to make the most of all possible donation sources. Generosity is the lifeblood of your work, so you should foster it by accepting contributions through a variety of different channels. One of the most important channels to consider is mobile giving.

It’s hard to ignore the disruptive potential of smartphones. Their ease-of-use and impressive functionality make them an indispensable tool for any organization. From the convenience of mobile giving to the ease of communication, here’s why smartphones will dominate nonprofit donations in the future.

Rising Smartphone Usage

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The first and maybe most apparent reason why mobile donations are the future is the prevalence of smartphones. Think of how many adults you know that have one. Now think of everyone you know who doesn’t. There are likely a lot more users than nonusers.

Not only do more people than ever have a smartphone, but they are using them more often, too. Mobile data traffic has more than doubled since 2016, and it will likely keep growing. That represents a substantial potential donor base.

Almost everyone frequently uses a phone, which means they can donate with it. If people are already using these devices, it wouldn’t be much of a hassle to use them for one more function.


App-Based Donations

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One of the many ways you can integrate mobile giving into your nonprofit operations is with fundraising software or app-based donations. While donors can still access your site through mobile browsers, fundraising software and apps may provide a more engaging and reliable experience. They are also a popular option, with 72% of young people saying they would donate over an app if they had the choice.

Providing a consistent experience across different devices can be complicated with browser-based functions. Fundraising software, like MobileCause, is mobile-responsive and apps integrate seamlessly into different phones’ user interfaces. They will run faster and more smoothly than a mobile website.



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You can also capitalize on phone usage by instituting a text-to-donate campaign. Like with apps, people don’t need to learn any new skills or methods to give over a text message. 

Donating over text feels natural, like you’re sending a message to a friend, so it may be more appealing to some people than other options. Donors can give any amount using text messaging quickly and silently. With proper security measures in place, text-to-donate campaigns can be one of the most favorable giving channels there is.


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Social Media

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Social media use has seen a meteoric rise similar to that of smartphones. As of 2019, more than 70% of American adults use at least one social media platform. With the prevalence of smartphones, people can check these sites from virtually anywhere.

These services present two distinct advantages for nonprofits. You can use social media campaigns to reach a much broader range of people. More than half of Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram users use them at least once a day, significantly increasing your chances of spreading awareness. You can also use features like Facebook live to engage users and collect donations simultaneously.


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One of the key advantages of mobile donations for nonprofits is the gamification of the giving process. With mobile giving, you can easily make your donation system feel like a game, which will increase engagement and retention.

Gamification is one of the most recommended practices for volunteer organizations. Game-like elements such as point systems make donating a more engaging experience, turning it into an act that’s not only kind, but also fun. This engagement will encourage donors to give more frequently or in more significant increments.

You may consider offering a reward system for donations. People who give a certain amount can unlock special privileges or trade points in for rewards. Alternatively, you could opt for something as simple as eye-catching animations or leaderboards to offer instant gratification.


Easier Follow-Ups

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If you hope to run a successful nonprofit, you need to keep in contact with your donors. People often stop giving if they can’t see the impact of their donations. By following up after your campaigns with messages to your donors, you can show them how their generosity made a difference.

Utilizing mobile giving makes follow-ups easier. For example, if someone used your text-to-donate system, then you already have a phone number, and likely an email address, you can send updates to. 

Along with progress reports, you can use mobile services to send instant thank-you notes. These follow-ups will keep donors invested in your work, as well as recognize their generosity.


Mobile Giving Best Practices

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To make the most out of what mobile giving has to offer, you need to be careful about how you incorporate it. Mobile bidding isn’t necessarily a replacement for your other fundraising streams, but a complement to it. Think about how you can use mobile services to work with the systems you already have in place.

It’s essential that no matter how you integrate mobile giving, you include some form of alert system. Send text messages or push notifications to remind users about your campaign. People can’t help your cause if they don’t know about it.

You should also consider using mobile services to gain insights about your donors. Using data analytics, you can see what your key demographics are or if the size and frequency of your donations are changing at all. These insights will help you understand what you’re doing right and where you can improve.

It’s common to blame smartphones for societal problems, but they present a valuable potential for good. Thanks to increased simplicity and engaging interfaces, mobile giving will revolutionize nonprofit donations.


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