Patrick Phillips reporting for Fox News South Carolina is covering the Charleston Church Shooting that occurred on Wednesday. Patrick is the digital content manager at WCSC-TV Live 5 News and has been working in News for over 10 years.

Boeing announces $100K donation to church hope fund

By Patrick Phillips| FOX Carolina | 6/19/15

Boeing announced it will donate $100,000 to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund, which will help families of Wednesday’s church shooting victims.

“Our community is experiencing immense grief and mourning as we all try to come to grips with this horrible tragedy,” said Beverly Wyse, Boeing South Carolina vice president and general manager.


Corporate Social Responsibility At Work

In the wake of the tragic shootings in Charleston South Carolina, The Mother Emanuel Hope Fund was created to raise money for families affected by the heartbreaking event. Boeing exemplified corporate social responsibility with their donation of $100,000 to the fund which led to other businesses in the area donating profits from their sales.

Responding To A Community In Need

Businesses have a commitment to their community.  When terrible events like this happen, those who step up and rise to the occasion to meet their corporate social responsibility, garner the respect and oftentimes, the future business of those involved with 91% of customers switching to businesses that support good causes.

One way to increase the impact of how businesses can help their community when tragedy strikes, is to create opportunities for their employees to give for a cause.   By harnessing the extraordinary ability of hardworking employees to give and keep on giving, companies raised an average of $2.33 million dollars for various nonprofit causes in 2012. With the right tools, an enterprising corporation can raise even more in a way that unifies and energizes employees. Mobile fundraising is a fantastic way to tap into the potential of corporate giving.

Crowdfunding Pages in Minutes from Smartphones, Tablets or PCs

A great example of crowdfunding are the pages promoted by crowdfunders to collect donations and drive awareness of the Restore Baltimore campaign.  Businesses and individuals alike easily set up crowdfunding pages customized with individual photo or business logo, personal call to action, and fundraising goal.  600+ individuals and organizations have already contributed to provide relief to Baltimore.

restore-baltimore-1 restore-baltimore-2

Crowdfunding enabled United Way of Central Maryland to reach its fundraising goal of $500,000 from business partners and individuals with 100% of donations going towards humanitarian relief and emergency support in affected Baltimore neighborhoods. 

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