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Through Bonei Olam’s fundraising efforts, they provide millions of dollars in financial assistance to cover the prohibitive costs of fertility treatments and medical procedures. The funding they collected with this campaign helped them alleviate the pain and emotional trauma of childlessness.

– Dylan Deeds, Customer Success Manager, MobileCause


Every year, Bonei Olam Los Angeles hosts an annual Where Miracles Happen dinner event. As they were preparing for another event, they noticed a significant decrease in donor commitments for that year’s event. Bonei Olam decided they needed to determine a more effective strategy to remind their donors why their commitment matters and how their donations impact their cause in order to achieve event success.


Leveraging MobileCause solutions, they decided to start with a text-to-give campaign centered around a live fundraising thermometer which generated excitement as donors were able to see their names and contributions on the big screen in real-time during the event. To combat the dropped donor commitments they were facing, a three-text reminder campaign was set up to make sure the donor remembered to donate. Lastly, a subscription campaign was created and launched to capture the attention of the best donors and to further involve and engage them with Bonei Olam. They were finally ready for event success!


Based on the donor commitment challenge they experienced leading up to the vent, deploying the live thermometer and launching the text-to-give campaign made the Where Miracles Happen event more successful than it had ever been prior. The text-to-give fundraising campaign resulted in donations of $305,315. Further, they were also able to enlist 225 mobile subscribers to send them text message updates, tips and inspirations. These subscribers are some of their best donors and are receiving information to this day.

Bonei Olam LA

Since its founding in 1999, Bonei Olam has set its mission to provide whatever means or resources necessary to help childless couples achieve the dream of parenthood. Bonei Olam today maintains 18 regional chapters in 5 countries around the world. To date, over 5,000 children have been brought into the world through the financial assistance and resources provided by Bonei Olam. To donate to the cause, click here.

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