In his newest article on Yahoo, Michael Walsh @wordsofwalsh writes about the upcoming bout between Mitt Romney and Evander Holyfield to raise money for CharityVision. The boxing fundraiser hopes to generate awareness and donations to the Utah based nonprofit dedicated to providing much needed vision care to developing countries.  Yahoo is one of the most popular websites in the world that includes the latest news and trending articles.

Romney vs. Holyfield: Unlikely duo lace up gloves for boxing bout

By Yahoo Politics | 5/15/15

Is the Stormin’ Mormon any match for the Real Deal?

Political heavyweight Mitt Romney, 68, will face off against five-time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, 52, on Friday night in Salt Lake City in a boxing fundraiser.

The mismatched contenders are trading blows to raise money for CharityVision, a Utah-based nonprofit dedicated to providing medical equipment, vision screenings, clinics and sight-restoration surgeries in developing countries.

boxing fundraiserRomney vs Holyfield boxing fundraiser is a terrific example of a great event fundraising idea. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will go up against former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield in a boxing fundraiser.  Of course this is a mismatch on paper and the boxing match won’t be a serious one.

The boxing fundraiser between the two is not to decide who the best fighter is but to create awareness to a greater cause, which is CharityVision.

“I want to draw public attention to the plight of millions who are suffering from impaired vision and needless blindness,” she said in a release at the time. “With a modicum of concerted effort and plenty of thoughtful donations, we can spare 20 million treatable people worldwide from living in darkness.” -Ann Romney, Mitt’s Wife Ann, 66, who was appointed to CharityVision’s board of directors.

This fundraising event idea is well timed and well executed for several reasons:

1. People’s attention to boxing is near its peak right now

The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was the most popular pay-per-view event in history and it happened just a few weeks ago. The timing for a boxing fundraiser could not be better to raise awareness for a worthy cause. This is a great use of using a recent event or popular topic to create awareness for your nonprofit. Be sure to stay up to date on current events and news use to your advantage.

2. Great use of video to promote the event

Video is great way to promote a fundraising event. Below you can see the one for this event.  The video includes some humor as well as a strong message about the nonprofit CharityVision who is trying to bring an end to curable blindness. It also helps to have some well known figures like a former presidential candidate and heavyweight champion but if the event is promoted the right way with a great video your event will also be successful.

3. Mobile responsive donation website and donation pages

The event is all over the news, social media, youtube with all the right ingredients for a successful fundraising campaign. However if you don’t have an online giving presence that makes it easy for people to donate on any device, you can hinder the performance of our campaign. This event’s donation website is responsive and sends the communicates it’s message to potential donors extremely well. You can see the donation website at http://charityvision.net/event/mitt-romney-takes-on-heavy-weight-champion-evander-holyfield-at-charityvision-fight-night-event/.

4. Thank donors

As a thank you to online donors they offer great gifts when you donate certain amount, incentivizing visitors to donate more to the cause than they normally would. People think thye are getting free stuff even though they are spending money because it goes to a good cause. Even a thank you email, text or phone call will be a gift in itself to make your donors feel appreciated.

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