Event Fundraising, Ticketing and Mobile Alerts

Increase event fundraising by 35% with end-to-end mobile first solution

Organizations conveniently collect donations, promote registrations, sell tickets and send reminders for events. Our best-in-class event fundraising thermometer enables organizations to display mobile pledges and cash and check donations live on-screen. This technique creates an exciting moment of giving that has proven to increase participation by 35%. Request demo today

Text DOOR to 51555 or click here to see registration form

Click here to see fundraising thermometer and make a mobile pledge

Text CLUB to 41444 or click here to see donation form

Easy Registration Form Setup

In minutes, organizations create mobile-friendly online forms for registrations, ticketing and event donations. Forms include payment or non-payment options, logos, images, buttons, colors, custom fields and more! Registrant data is captured in real-time and participants can be subscribed to receive mobile alerts and reminders leading up to the event.

Embed Online Forms on Your Website

Your mobile-friendly online forms can be linked to directly or embedded on any page on your website. Each form can be easily promoted by keyword/shortcode and via email, text message and social media.

Send Invitations and Reminders with Links

Text message updates leading up to events increase participation. 99% of text messages are read and 90% are read within 3 minutes. Nonprofit organizations can upload lists of phone numbers from their existing donor database. Mobile numbers are automatically verified.

Display Interactive Thermometer to Pledge Now and Give Later

Instruct attendees to text your keyword to your shortcode with their amount and name or message. Mobile pledges appear live on screen as the thermometer rises to the goal. This exciting moment of giving has proven to increase event donations 35%. We recommended manually seeding the thermometer with all supplemental gifts: out-of-towner donations, cash and checks, ticket sales, auction sales and matching gifts to keep momentum.

Easily Collect Donations

After making a mobile pledge, donors can simply click the link in the text message and enter their credit card information. Donors also have the option to swipe their credit card on a mobile card reader or fulfill by cash or check.

Automatic Pledge Fulfillment Reminders

Individuals who make mobile pledges and do not fulfill their donation, receive 3 automatic text message reminders (Day 1, Day 4, Day 8) with link to the donation form. These reminders dramatically increase pledge fulfillment and reduce administrative cost.

Automatic Tax Receipts

Donors automatically receive email and text notifications. Nonprofit organizations have tax receipt option. Organization name appears on donor bank statement.

Send Thank You Messages with Links to Photos and Videos

All event participants receive mobile communications from your organization. Mobile lists are used for future fundraising campaigns.

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