Reporting for Upworthy, Brandon Weber looks at how LIFT is helping their members acquire new skills and resources that will build the strong foundation they need to keep them from poverty and homelessness. Mr. Weber is a curator writer at Upworthy who has a deep understanding of writing web content for maximum viral reach, and enhancing brands and ideas with those tools. Upworthy finds compelling, meaningful media — stories, information, videos, graphics, and ideas engaging a total of about 50 million people each month on some of society’s most important topics.

Presenting a refreshingly new way to help keep people from poverty and homelessness

By Brandon Weber | Upworthy | 9/15/15

They begin this video with a request:
Tell me about your kids.”

And the people who follow do exactly that.

People like Christina, who got pregnant at 18. Everybody told her that her life was going to end, that she’d always be stuck in minimum-wage jobs. But she pulled herself up, with help from LIFT. She’s now an advocate for the nonprofit, and as she tells it, “I work with [the members]. I don’t make them feel like they’re in this word alone.”

LIFT is a member-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people get out of the cycle of poverty and into a place where they can excel, grow, and learn.


Mobile Helps Nonprofits Build A Foundation For Success

LIFT’s video examines how the organization is helping people overcome the challenges of poverty and homelessness facing 45 million Americans by focusing on the personal, social and financial factors that control their lives. The organization is helping their members build a foundation for success by providing them new skills and access to resources so they can avoid difficult times in the future.

Nonprofit organizations must also adopt new skills and resources in order to thrive and successfully fulfill their mission. Mobile fundraising and communications solutions will provide them what they need to reach new supporters and increase donations faster and at a lower cost.

MobileCause helps nonprofit organizations overcome the challenges they face in order to build a strong foundation for success by providing the world’s best mobile-first fundraising and communications platform with zero transaction fees and a low industry rate of 2.5% credit card fees. 

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