Canva’s Co-founder and CEO, Melanie Perkins, recently announced the company’s continued success, new financial backings and invitation for nonprofits to use Canva for Work free of charge. Canva is a web-based design site that makes graphic design for Web or print simple and easy for everyone.

Canva For Nonprofits: Exciting news here at Canva!


Melanie Perkins | Canva | 10/6/15

Canva is quickly becoming the primary design tool for our users who range from marketers, non-profits, bloggers and the education sector. Every day we are hearing amazing stories from our customers who have been able to grow their social media following, spread awareness and raise more donations for their charity because of Canva. We’ve read emails from customers who said Canva helped them save dogs from death row and catch criminals. We’re also excited to announce today a program that will enable nonprofits around the globe to access the full power of Canva for Work, free of charge. Each nonprofit can have a team of up to ten people helping to spread their story and raise donations.

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Canva for Nonprofits: Graphic Design for Your Organization

Think back to story time when you were just a kid, and how much better the tale being told was when it was accompanied by colorful pictures. Now, think of the way your nonprofit is telling its own story today.  Are you using images to illustrate the amazing story of your organization?

Canva for Nonprofits

A Free and Easy Way to Create Impact with Images Canva makes it easy for your organization to create impactful designs you can use online or in print. Even without fancy software or years of design experience, your organization will be able to master this powerful tool in no time. Plus, the company offers it free of charge for nonprofit organizations. Canva has a myriad of uses for nonprofits.  For example, it’s great for thanking your donors with messages of gratitude over a photo of the work enabled by their contribution.

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Improve Engagement with Canva and MobileCause One of the best ways that your organization can use your Canva images, is to post them on social media, where posts containing images have higher engagement rates. Think about it, Instagram is all about the image, on Facebook, 87% of posts shared had photos and on Twitter, images can boost your retweets by 35%.

49% of nonprofit supporters on social media wanted to do more after seeing photos related to the cause.

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You can then take engagement a step further by including your fundraising campaign keyword and link to your mobile-friendly form on the designs you create with Canva. This provides supporters a very visual and compelling call-to-action to engage with your organization and support your cause.

Include your campaign keywords and shortcodes to your mobile-responsive donation forms on your Canva-created designs to increase engagement.

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