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Care About Your Donors So They Want To Give Again and Again

In his article for Business 2 Community, Jonathan Herrick reveals how small businesses need to care about people in order to achieve sales success just as your nonprofit must care about your donors in order to build a strong relationship to gain lasting engagement and their continued long term support. Mr. Herrick is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Hatchbuck, a sales & marketing software company, and is a valued contributor to the Business 2 Community, an open community where business professionals can establish their thought leadership, increase exposure for their business/organization, and network with others.

Trending Article | Jason Herrick | Busines 2 Community | 03/11/2016

The Key to Small Business Success In Sales: Caring About People

care about your donors

Caring – Defined as displaying kindness and concern for others. It’s a term not often heard in the sales process. In fact, for most businesses, sales is just a means to an end. A way to get a potential customer to buy your products and services and bring in the bacon. But Dale Carnegie said it best: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

Success in sales is not just about closing more customers for your small business. It’s about demonstrating that you care about the needs and interests of your prospects and customers. Authentically caring about people is the key to sales and business success.

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Insider Outlook | Laurel Lane | MobileCause Mobile Fundraising Consultant


Care about Your Donors and They Will Give to Your Cause Today and Everyday

A great offer or sales promotion can get someone to buy a product or service. However, according to Mr. Herrick, only companies who care about people beyond the sales process will be able to keep them as customers.

The same holds true for nonprofits. A powerful message or story about your mission is essential to initially attracting and convincing someone to make a donation. However, unless you show that you actually care about your donors and work to build engagement supported by a strong relationship based on trust and caring, you’ll be unable to retain and engage them in the long term so they become repeat givers to your cause.

Evidence that you care about your donors is easy to spot. Do you listen to them? Respond to them in a timely manner? Do  you ever ask them what matters most to them about the work that you do or what kind of impact they’d like to make? Do you thank them for their contribution and continued support and make it easy for them to give again? Do you update them on a regular basis to keep them interested and engaged?

The easiest way to answer yes to each of those questions is to adopt mobile-friendly solutions that allow you to easily send out regular text updates, links to mobile-friendly donation and survey forms, donor thank yous and automated receipts that will keep your donors interested, engaged and in knowing that you care about them, giving to your cause for a long time to come.

Summary:  Show in words and deeds that you care about your donors by implementing mobile-friendly solutions that allow your organization to build strong donor relationships that result in lasting and long-term fundraising success.

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