Using Social Media to Update Donors on Campaign Progress

WRITTEN BY SARAH BAKER An important component of any nonprofit fundraising campaign is keeping your supporters updated on your progress. Whether raising money for a specific project or a general fund, your donors should be (and want to be) kept in the loop of how...

4 Ways to Set Your Volunteers Up for Success

WRITTEN BY KRISTINA BRUNNLER Volunteers are as essential to your nonprofit as donations. Without volunteers, many organizations would be unable to fulfill their purpose. An interesting  Google study revealed valuable information that can help nonprofit organizations...

How to Motivate Your Digital Ambassadors for Fundraising

WRITTEN BY COREY BLAKE Running a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign is an excellent way to bring in new donors, raise awareness and get your supporters and volunteers engaged in new ways. Peer-to-peer campaigns thrive when they have a team of volunteer fundraisers...

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