Writing for the Huffington Post, Robbie Couch, reports on the latest charity challenge to go viral, #DropAndGiveMe10 challenge, which supports the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Robbie Couch is an Associate Editor of HuffPost Impact and focuses on human rights and pop culture.

#DropAndGiveMe10 Viral Pushup Charity Challenge Raises Money For Military Families

Robbie Couch| Huffington Post | 6/4/15

The #DropAndGiveMe10 challenge is heating up online, asking participants to both complete 10 pushups on camera and donate a chosen amount for each pushup toward the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. Those who complete the feat are encouraged to challenge three others to do the same.

What started as a small grassroots effort before Memorial Day took off once TV personality Bear Grylls of “Man vs. Wild” completed the challenge on May 23, Cynthia Kim, the foundation’s co-founder, told The Huffington Post in an email. Grylls passed the challenge on to the “Today” show’s Kathie Lee Gifford, actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and NFL athlete Drew Brees.

Star power began getting the word out on the campaign as well as the foundation, which funds college scholarships for military children who’ve lost a parent in the line of duty.challenge, #dropandgiveme10, fallen patriots, bear grylls, ice bucket challenge


New Challenge Hoping To Go Viral

The #DropAndGiveMe10 challenge is catching on with people who want to help the families of fallen military members. This latest fundraising challenge, which benefits the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, asks participants to record themselves doing 10 pushups, donate a specific amount for each one they complete, then nominate 3 others to take up the cause.

Since it was founded in 2002 by Cynthia Kim and her husband, David, a U.S. Army vet, the Foundation has provided more than $9 million in scholarships to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Celebrities Join The Cause

Bear Grylles, star of TV’s “Man vs. Wild”, helped get the grassroots campaign really going when he completed his pushups on May 23, then challenged “Today” show host, Kathie Lee Gifford, “Modern Family” star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and NFL athlete, Drew Brees to do the same.

As the celebrity participant list continues to grow, the #dropandgiveme10 challenge, which will help Fallen Patriots raise funds connect beneficial resources with those who need them most, will hopefully go as viral as the Ice Bucket Challenge, which has raised more than $220 million for the fight against ALS.

Challenge Your Supporters To Use Their Influence

The referent power of celebrities sharing challenge videos across social media helps to fuel these challenges’ success. When ordinary people admire a celebrity, they want to be like them, act like they do, do what they do.   This influential power is not only limited to TV stars and famous athletes so you can put it to work for your organization, even if you don’t know have access to celebrities.  Think about all the people in your donor’s lives that they admire, parents, teachers, coaches, etc… Target these real-life influencers who can reach out to their network of friends and family.  For example, you can ask each of them to set up a crowdfunding page so they can help you raise funds and recruit others to join in too.

Your bottom line goal is to end up with more supporters to spread the word about the good work you do, raise funds, and challenge even more people to participate on your behalf.

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