In his article for Entrepreneur.com, Jonathan Long, Founder and CEO of Market Media takes a look at ways that people can reap rewards when they are charitable about giving help to others. Market Domination Media® is an online marketing agency that provides a wide range of custom digital marketing solutions designed to help businesses grow, with a focus on ROI.

5 Ways to Help Others That Can Come Back to You Tenfold


By Jonathan Long | Entrepreneur.com | 5/26/15

While it seems so simple and straightforward, the truth is that most entrepreneurs, myself included, don’t help others as much as we could — and not for selfish reasons. Personal goals and hectic schedules tend to consume every waking minute of the day.

Not only is helping someone a nice thing to do, but these little good deeds can come back to you tenfold. I recently identified several introductions, relationships and business deals that originated from helping someone over the past several months. Moving forward, I’m going to make a conscious effort to help more people.

mobilecause-outlookCharitable giving is the lifeblood of most nonprofit organizations.

Much of your efforts are probably spent on appealing to potential donors to give to your cause. Long’s examples of how people can help others apply to donor outreach.

  • Your donors interact with a network of different people each day including business colleagues, retail vendors, friends and family. Provide an easy way for them to engage others on your behalf, like with crowdfunding pages they can personalize with their photo and message and potentially raise an average of $568 from family, friends and colleagues
  • Empower them to be brand ambassadors with effective tools to promote your organization like a great website with social media links so they can easily spread the word. Make sure your site looks great on smartphones because 65% of social media activity happens on a mobile device.
  • Charitable giving is not always about donating money. Identify other ways supporters can help by sharing their particular skills and expertise.
  • Encourage your contributors to introduce you to any influential contacts they may have, from prospective wealthy patrons to celebrities who could significantly enhance your next fundraising event.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your donors to share their resources, which could include products and services that your organization might need.

In most cases, charitable giving is a personal act. Remember to thank your donors individually for all of their contributions and let them know how much their help has meant to your organization. 

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