In her article for TIME, Sarah Begley reports on the charities that are actively taking donations to help the city in different ways, including digital fundraising, during the serious toxic water crisis. Ms. Begley is a books and culture reporter at TIME.

How You Can Help the Residents of Flint

Several charities are taking donations to help during the water crisis

flint michigan with digital fundraisingImage courtesy of Linda Parton / Shutterstock.com

Sarah Begley | TIME | 1/22/16

As Flint, Mich. struggles with a lead contamination crisis in the city’s drinking water, a number of charities have set up programs to help with everything from delivering water bottles to helping pay utility bills. Here are a few organizations currently taking donations.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Genesee County “is collecting funds to help purchase water, filters and pay delinquent water bills for residents who have received shutoff notifications,” the organization announced on its website. Donate here.

mobilecause-outlook,flint michigan with digital fundraisingGetting the Donation Ball Rolling for Flint Michigan with Digital Fundraising

In order to better serve the growing needs of the city’s residents impacted by the water crisis, charities like Salvation Army and United Way of Genesee County along with others are wisely helping people affected by the toxic water crisis in Flint Michigan with digital fundraising campaigns to raise funds and awareness.

Donors who wish to donate to the Salvation Army campaign can text the keyword WATER to 91999 then click on the link they receive in the reply message to make their contribution. The campaign is being supported by singer-songwriter KEM and donation details promoted across social media by him and his fans helping to maximize the impact of the digital fundraising efforts.

flint michigan with digital fundraising

Nonprofit organizations can set up their own digital fundraising campaign in about 5 minutes with mobile-friendly donations forms customized for each campaign that can be easily promoted across all channels with a corresponding shortlink, keyword and QR code.

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